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Summer Term Challenges - Week 3

Summer Term Choice Board

choice board

Elmer and the Rainbow

Elmer and the rainbow

Click on the image above to hear the story of Elmer and the Rainbow.  Why have all the colours disappeared from the rainbow?  Find out how Elmer helps.

Week 14 - Friends Photographs

Choice board challenge - Jokes

isla video.mp4

Video - playing the ukulele

Here is one of our friends who has just started to learn how to pla the ukulele.  The Ukulele is part of the stringed instrument family and is rather like a small guitar.  I wonder, can you sing along to the tune?

isla video.mp4

Monday 22nd June

ring toss

Why not add numbers to the top of the towers and add up your score. Maybe you could play with someone else in the family. Who will win the game?

Tuesday 23rd June

This week is National Schools Sport Week.  We thought you might like to take part in some sports activities at home too.  Let us know how you get on.  Who is the quickest at each of the events - i wonder?

Wednesday 24th June

phonics bag

This is a super game to try at home which encourages blending for reading.  Give it a try, it's great for Phonics.

Thursday 25th June

the sequence game

Click on the link above and it will take you to an interactive game which teaches sequencing.  Sequence various shapes as well as colours and letters.  Can you get all the way to Game 5?

Friday 26th June

paint car rolling