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Summer Term Challenge - Week 4

The Colour Monster

the colour monster

Click on the link above to hear the story of "The Colour Monster".It teaches children about feelings, as each beautiful colour leads to an emotion.

Week 15 - Friends Photographs

Summer Term choice board

choice board

Monday 29th June

Can you answer these questions at the end of the story?

(Don't forget to draw the Colour Monster too)

Tuesday 30th June

monster tunnel

Wednesday 1st July


Can you help the Colour Monster fill his jars by drawing things that make you feel these feelings E.g fear - rollercoaster. Below is the document for you to prinnt off and fill the jars.

Thursday 2nd July

thursday calm jars

Friday 3rd July

This game will help  with the following skills:

  • number recognition 1-6
  • counting objects up to 6
  • subitizing (looking at a group of objects — in this case, dots on a die — and knowing how many there are without counting each one.