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What makes the world bright and colourful?

What will you choose?

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Monday 29th June

Click on the picture below to listen to the story of The Colour Monster.  It's all about a monster who feels all sorts of different things.  Sometimes he feels happy, sometimes he feels sad, ad other times he feels very angry!  He changes colour to show what he is feeling.  How are you feeling today?

colour monster(3)

Tuesday 30th June

How many colours did you see in the story of The Colour Monster?  Can you make a colourful monter using the colours that you saw?  You could use pens or crayons, paper or paints, or you could make a model using different coloured playdough.  Below is an easy recipe for dough that you can use - you can make it different colours by adding food colouring. Have fun!

salt dough

Wednesday 1st July

The story of The Colour Monster talks about lots of different feelings - happy, sad, scared, angry.  Click on the picture below to listen to one of our favourite songs about feeling happy.  Don't forget to sing along!


Thursday 2nd July

It's a bit of a wet day today.  Maybe you could put on your wellies and your coat and find some puddles to splash in.  The rain always makes everything look different - see what changes you can see.

When you come back inside, have a go at this video - it will stretch your body in all sorts of ways and make your muscles stronger.


Friday 3rd July

Zoom session today - email me with your name if you want to join in.

Choice board

We are sharing our Big Question with the rest of school this term and it is What makes the world bright and colourful?  We will be giving you lots of ideas of stories to read, games to play, things to make and songs to sing all about our world and what makes it such a bright, colourful and special place to be.

You can choose to do as many things as you like from the choice board and remember to send in what you have done so that we can display it at school.  We miss you all so much and would love some of your learning to brighten up the walls at school.

Games to play

Click on the pictures below to play some games to help you with sounds, rhymes and counting.

counting gamebug catcherrhymesinaya 10inaya 12