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What makes the world bright and colourful?

What will you choose?

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Monday 22nd June

Today is a beautiful, sunny day.  Why don't you find your favourite blankets and cushions and make a nice, cosy space outside where you can look at your favourite books.  You could read Simon Sock - that is full of different colours and patterns just like Elmer!

Draw a picture of your favourite story, or your favourite character and send it into school so that we can put it on the walls to brighten them up.

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Tuesday 23rd June

It's another sunny day - put on a hat and go outside for some art and crafts fun.  Get a paint brush, or a sponge, and a bowl or a cup of water and become an artist outdoors.  Paint the walls, or the fence or even the ground.  You could paint a picture of yourself, or try to paint your name, or some shapes that you know.  Have fun, and send some photos to school for us to see! 


water paint

Wednesday 24th June

Wow - it's very hot and sunny outside today!  Don't forget to put on your hat and suncream if you go out to play.

Why don't you try painting with ice today - it might cool you down!

Find an ice cube tray, or some plastic cups and fill them with water.  Add a couple of drops of food colouring to each one - you could even mix the colours to see what colours you can make.  Put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and then use them to make pictures.  You could paint on paper, or you could paint on the ground.

ic cubes

Thursday 25th June

Another hot day!  Have a rest from the sunshine and go inside and draw a picture of a sunny day.  Send them into school for us to show all your friends on our Nursery pages.

Friday 26th June

We love to bake and cook when we are at Nursery.  Why don't you have a go at making something nice at home.  Below is the recipe for flapjacks - they are Mrs Ratcliffe's favourite cakes!  Can you make some?  Do you like to eat them too?


Choice board

We are sharing our Big Question with the rest of school this term and it is What makes the world bright and colourful?  We will be giving you lots of ideas of stories to read, games to play, things to make and songs to sing all about our world and what makes it such a bright, colourful and special place to be.

You can choose to do as many things as you like from the choice board and remember to send in what you have done so that we can display it at school.  We miss you all so much and would love some of your learning to brighten up the walls at school.

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