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Mindfulness and music

Welcome to our mindfulness and music page. Both mindfulness and music help us keep calm and relaxed and are essential to our health and wellbeing. In school we practise lots of ways to keep calm and it is important to remember these strategies while we are at home too. You could even teach someone else to do the same. We love singing at St George's and it plays an important role in our daily worship and routines so it is important to keep this up too to lift your spirits and give you the 'feel good' factor.

Listen to some of your favourite songs and sing along. Teach someone at home the ones you think they will like. Practice some mindfulness activities to keep you calm and relaxed.

Looking to the Rainbow


Can you learn the signing actions to the song?

More of our favourite songs...

Brighter Day.wavThis is our world.wav

If You're Happy and You Know It


The Wheels on the Bus


Family song

click on the link for a song linked to our Family theme for this half term. Can you learn the sign language?


Harvest song

Click on the link to learn our new Harvest song:


Try this new song written by Becky Drake - the writer of 'City on a Hill', another of our favourite worship songs. It has been written for children to sing during lockdown. The symbol of the Rainbow shows that we can have HOPE even though things are difficult and very different for all of us at the moment. Enjoy singing and learning a new song and maybe we can sing it together at some point! 

School Song: Love to Learn, Learn to Love


Try some of your favourite songs using sign language. Click on the link for each song



Ain't no mountain high enough


Three Little Birds


Try some of these well know nursery rhymes and learn some Makaton sign language

Old MacDonald


Five Little Ducks


Five Little Speckled Frogs


Hotshots - a great way to relax

Hotshots is a great way to help you relax especially when you are feeling tense. It is also good to help you connect with others. Most children have done this in school with Mrs McKeown.

Remember it is always important to ask someone if you can ask them before you give them a massage - you are asking for permission. Ask someone at home if you can give them a massage and see if you can teach them how to do Hotshots. Remember it needs to be a quiet time; maybe you could play some calming music to help you relax.

Click on the link to enlarge the image


Breathing techniques - good for calming down

Breathing is also an important way to keep calm. Controling your breathing can be hard to do especially when you are feeling angry, sad or anxious but there are ways you can do this. Try some of the techniques and see which one works for you. Breathing to relax or calm down takes some practice so be patient and take your time.

Click on the link to enlarge the image



Mindfulness is about living in the moment - taking notice of how your body feels; using your senses to see what you can see, hear, smell and taste around you. As well as helping you keep calm and relaxed it also helps you to pay attention and focus when you do other things. Mindfulness can help you deal with tough emotions and help you feel happy and good about yourself.

Try some of the Mindfulness March challenges - notice how they make you feel.

Mindfulness Baking

Baking is a great way to relax and practise mindfulness. Check out some of Cooking Club's favourite tried and tested recipes:




Try to use Fairtrade ingredients if you can. Cooking Club use Fairtrade products whenever possible.