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The News Team

Our new school News Team has just been formed.  Here we are in a meeting creating a plan of action for the upcoming year.  We will be writing articles for our local paper and also hope to create a half-termly newsletter. 

News Team

Meet the News Team

Hi, My name is Aimee and I love unicorns. If you have any news on singing , dancing  or drama come to me!

Hi, I am Leia and I love gymnastics and unicorns and if you have any news tell me!

My name is Melyssa and I love dance, unicorns and tacos. If you have any news come to me !

My name is Dawud and I like football. If you have any news on sports or trips, TELL ME!

My name is Millie. I love unicorns and mystical characters. If you have any news about school trips or special visitors come to me.


Latest Edition

We are very proud with our second edition because of the idea we had for our theme and borders, the titles and we felt that the standard of writing was also fantastic. We are very happy with the ‘teacher’s views’ section because we normally don’t include this and we think that the new ‘upcoming events’ section will be useful for everyone. At the moment we are trying to improve our newsletter even further so edition three promises to be even better!

We are very pleased with the first edition of our school news team half- termly newsletter and hope you enjoy reading it. At the moment we are busy reporting on this half-term's news. Look out for our next newsletter which should be available towards the end of this term!

Newspaper Offices Trip

Last half-term, the news team took a trip to the local newspaper offices in Ashton. After they met the admin team they met the writers of the Tameside Reporter; they even saw a newspaper written and printed in 1967, where it was all black and white with the smallest writing you could possibly have seen! They saw how the newspaper layout is filled up with adverts. The St. Georges news team spent time talking to the sports reporters and the editors. Finally they even went on the radio live! It was great fun at the Tameside Reporter and radio offices for the news team and motivates them to work harder on their articles.

By Dawud

News Team's Assembly

Just before our first edition of our half-termly newspaper the news team did a 10 minute assembly on our launching of our newspaper and to look out for it. If you haven't read the first edition have a look on our school website. And make sure you look out for our second edition or look on the school website for more!

By Dawud