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Gardening Club

Summer 2018

Gardening club have been very busy weeding the orchard and checking the fruit on the trees is growing well.

We have lots of blueberries growing at the moment that we are looking forward to eating,  but we just hope the greedy squirrels don't get to them first!

We have apples and pears growing too, these will be ready to pick in the Autumn.

17th October 2017

Our task this week was to find fifteen natural items outside.  We found leaves, flowers, seeds , different types of grasses etc.

We then created our art using some of what we had found.  

10th October 2017

We enjoyed the lovely weather on Tuesday 10th October and ventured outside to do some bark, leaf and flower rubbings.

We used crayon, pastels and pencils to create the pictures.  Some of the children used blackberry juice to create picture too.

26th September 2017

Tuesday 26th Sept was a busy day for Gardening Club.  

Mr Kilpatrick ordered four bulk bags of bark for the pathways in our orchard area.  The team worked hard to empty the bags and spread the bark over the paths.

We also picked the last of the fruit from the trees. Xeon said the apples were the, 'Best he had ever tasted'.  We also managed to find some blackberries - our cheeky resident squirrel has eaten most of them this year!

Gardening club have been busy clearing the vegetable patch ready for Year 2 to plant some winter vegetables.  The vines from the marrows were really long and strong as you can see from the photographs.  Next week we will be adding some leaf mulch from the compost to feed the soil.