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Spring term 2 What Choices Can I Make to Change the World?

Science Day

Mr Tabernor, a science teacher from Alder Community High School, visited year 6. We learnt about the circulatory system and we're especially interested when we dissected some hearts.

Class Collective Worship

Yusra, Zaara and Sidhra from our class led our class collective worship linked to the vaue of thankfulness.


Inventions Fair

The children successfully shared their learning from last      half- term 's learning challenge with parents in our 'inventions fair'. They were amazing at explaining the learning journey that had led to their final invention. 

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Visit from Mrs Rigby

Mrs Rigby came to visit to tell us all about what it was like to live during the Second World War. Mrs Rigby was born in 1920 so is 100 years old! She was 19 when the war broke out. Her job during the war was a 'plotter' and she was in the WAAF. We asked her lots of questions and she answered them in great of detail telling us what it was like during the blitz, what happened when the air raid sirens went off, how her fiance was sent to fight in the war and how she felt about all the events that happened. She also told us about rations and how the food was given out. It was a fascinating story and an amazing opportunity to find out about history from a real-life source. Angela, her daughter, also came to help with pictures and share what she has learnt about the war from her mum and dad. We had a great morning of history learning to add to our WW2 Learning Challenge.

World Book Day

We enjoyed reading our buddies their favorite stories.

We played 'book charades.' We acted out books and the rest of the class had to guess what the titles were.


We explored author websites to investigate how our favourite authors thought of their ideas and to explore the book titles and characters.

Homework Challenges



Michelle worked hard on her volcano homework. We all enjoyed seeing it erupt in class.