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Spring Term 1

Can you be the next Dragon?

Year 6

Homework Challenges

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Chatter Chums Coffee Afternoon

Our Chatter Chums enjoyed an afternoon of refreshments and entertainment when they came to school to visit us. We served them tea, coffee and homemade scones, with jam and cream, while we entertained them with our Learning Challenge work around World War 2. They enjoyed a lovely afternoon out and we enjoyed hosting them in our school.

Daily Mile


Year 6 are keen to get fit. We are participating in the 10 minute daily mile and are trying to beat our personal bests.


In science,we have been studying different kinds of micro-organisms.

In groups we devised a question to investigate linked to the growth of mould.  We ensured that it was a fair test and thought how we would best record our results. We used observations over time to monitor mould growth.

Values Day

The whole school had a whole day to study our new value of trust. Year 6 did a variety of activities one of which included being able to trust a partner to guide them around an obstacle course,

Inventions For Our Chatter Chums

In DT we looked at the product designer Andy Wu to discover more about the design process. We are using a Gantt Chart to help us plan the stages of our product design and complete it in our given timeframe. We received a brief and all of these relate to products that will help the elderly - maybe they will be of use to our chatter chums.

A trip to the Theatre


We enjoyed our trip to Hyde Festival Theatre to see The Wizard of Oz. It was a great experience to see a real live performance in our local theatre. We got some tips for our own performance which we will be soon rehearsing for for our end of year production.

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

We visited Stockport Air Raid Shelters to learn more about what it was like to live during World War 2. It was a fascinating trip exploring the underground world of the 'Chestergate Hotel' as it was nicknamed during the war because of its luxurious standard of accomodation! We experienced the blitz and wore real gas masks and carried out some of the everyday tasks the people would have done during the war. It was an amazing day and well worth the visit!


Our Inventions Learning Journey

Next we researched current inventions that were similar to our brief.


We had to investigate how to use the tools safely before we could decide which tools we might  need to make our inventions.

We created our own designs using 5 minute sketches and then collaborated together in our groups to agree on a final design.

During the making process we had to be very organised knowing exactly which jobs each team member was responsible for. We collaborated well and had to constantly revise our ideas.