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Year 6 Autumn 2

Anti-bullying - Odd Socks

We began our Anit-Bullying week with an odd socks day. The odd socks illustrated that it is alright to be different and that year 6 are united against bullying.

Remembrance Day

We took part in the Remembrance Day service at school and also researched the role of Indian soldiers in the war, who are often forgotton. We created a double page spread in our R.E books about them and also put copies of this work on the school fence so that our learning could be shared with the local community.

Luke has been busy in the kitchen making corn beef hash using a WW2 recipe. It looks delicious!

 Elliot has been very creative with his home learning, he has made an angel for our school christmas tree and an Anderson Shelter which he made from a paper cylinder, green felt and a paper plate cut in half and covered in foil. 


In art with Mrs Taylor, we have been looking at Inuit block printing designs. Traditionally Inuit artists used etching and carving on materials such as ivory, bone and stone. Their carvings often depict animals of the artic. We used our art books to create a mood board of ideas for our block printing design. We then etched the design and used ink based paint to print them. 

Class Collective Worship

Our first Class Collective Worship looking at our new value Friendship led by Luke, Khadija and Liam. 


Science posters - we have collaborated in groups to research the characteristics and to find examples of one of the vertebrate groups. We then shared our learning with the rest of the class. 

Home Learning

 Year 6 were very sad that we had to go home to isolate for a couple of weeks but it hasn't stopped us from learning! Have a look at what we have been doing. 

Although we are at home we have been able to keep in touch with the rest of school by attending the daily collective worships via Zoom. It is lovely to see everyone and to be able to join in.


More Home Learning

More creative home learning - Zahra has made and painted her Anderson Shelter. Elliot has worked hard to do a Pokemon in the style of Kenojuak Askevak. Luke has enjoyed the art work home learning, he has also painted his Anderson Shelter.