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Welcome to Year 5 - Spring 2


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On Tuesday, March 27th, Year 5 were visited by a magician. He came in to teach magic tricks through Maths. He was very impressive and all of the children learnt mathematical magic tricks that they can now perform on other people. David's magic amazed the whole class and they all had a great afternoon. 

Visit to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre at Widnes

Year 5 had a fantastic time and were really inspired on this trip which was sponsored by Hawkes Chemical Company in Hyde. The children were discovering how medicines are developed. Thank you to Hawkes Chemical Company.

Learning Challenge

Clck on the image for more information about our Learning Challenge.

Important Notes

LEARNING CHALLENGE - The children are really enthusiastic about the new learning challenge and are looking forward to sharing some of their learning with you.
Thank you for your continued support with our project based learning and I hope that those of you who attended our space presentations were impressed with how much the children had learnt and how creative their presentation decisions were.
READING - It is very important that your child remembers to bring their reading book to school EVERY DAY and takes it home to read at night. Please encourage them to read and develop their love for reading- it could be any text type.
HOMEWORK - Please support your child with their homework. Homework books must be signed by a parent and handed in on a Wednesday so that they can be marked and prepared to be handed back on the Friday. Please encourage them to choose a variety of different challenges from the choice board.
PE KITS - Please remember to keep your child’s PE kit in school so that it is available for all PE lessons.
Mr Burgess