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Where would we be without the Industrial Revolution?

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Year 5starchasers

Starchaser Visit

Today, a local rocket scientist brought in one of his rockets. It was huge! We found out all about his space project and his vision of blasting a human into space. Starchasers are from Hyde and we really enjoyed finding out that this kind of science takes place right on our doorstep. 

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Visit to Quarry Bank Mill

Year 5 have visited Quarry Bank Mill in Styal to learn about life in the Victorian times and how the Industrial Revolution brought about so much change to manufacturing techniques and wealth. They had a great day and especially enjoyed being in role at the apprentice house. We soon established that life for children in the Victorian times was not as fair as it is now. 

Washing our hands is important!

Today we have been learning how to wash our hands properly. We used a UV light to highlight bacteria on our hands. We all noticed that we were not washing our hands effectively so we watched tutorials and practiced. 

Project based learning

Year 5 have learnt about how the children working in the mills during the Industrial Revolution had to endure awful conditions. They often got their fingers caught in the machinery or became deaf from the noise they were exposed to all day. 

Our challenge was to build working models of the cotton spinning mules that we saw at Quarry Bank Mill but then invent a safety device that would work alongside the machine to help keep the children safe. 

To be successful Year 5 needed to design their inventions, build them and then input a crumble kit. The crumble kit allowed them to write lines of coding which instructed the machine and helped to keep the children safe.

The machines and the safety devices were very successful and the children really enjoyed presenting their inventions to parents and children from other classes.