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Welcome to Autumn 2 2018 in Year 5


Year 5 have been learning about reversible and non reversible reactions in Science.We choose 7 items and predicted what might happen when they are heated over a flame. It was really exciting seeing how the different materials changed, some melted and others burnt until their was nothing left. 

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Embroidery Artwork

This half term Year 5 have been working with the Manchester based artist Sam Hull, towards their Discover Arts award. They have each combined acrylic pain and sewing to make a beautiful piece of embroidery artwork which represents their local area. The children really enjoyed creating these impressive pieces of art and learning new skills from Sam.

Learning Challenge

Please click on the image to find out more about our Learning Challenge this half term.

Year 5

Hyde Christmas Market

Last week Year 5 took part in the Hyde Christmas Market. We sold fair trade foods and cakes and made an impressive £95. The stall looked great and lots of parents came to support us. The children have kindly decided to donate our £95 to the British Heart Foundation. 

Important Notes


READING- It is very important that your child remembers to bring their reading book to school EVERY DAY and takes it home to read at night. The children won’t have set reading days but are encouraged to read whenever an opportunity arises. Don’t forget they each have a new reading journal and should be encouraged to complete an activity in there after completing a book.

HOMEWORK- Please continue to support your child with their homework. Homework books must be signed by a parent and handed in on a Wednesday so that they can be marked and prepared to be handed back on the Friday.

PE KITS- Please remember to keep your child’s PE kit in school so that it is available for lessons.

Thank you for your continuing support.
Mr Burgess