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Welcome to Autumn 1 in Year 5

Learning Challenge

Click on the image to find out more about our learning challenge for this half term.


Last week Year 5 were told that only boys would be allowed to be playleaders this year. The children were outraged and confused at how such an unfair decision could be made. They voiced their opinions and decided that they should protest against this !

 Once they had been told that this was not true but things were similar for women in the past, the children could express their thoughts and feelings. We linked these thoughts and feelings to how women must have felt in the past when they were denied the vote and how unfair things were between men and women. 


This week Year 5 have completed the Bikeability course. They have learnt how to keep themselves safe on the roads whilst cycling and have also developed their cycling abilities. Well done to all of Year 5!

Local Sketching Walk

This week year 5 have been developing their sketching skills. We completed a walk around our local area whilst spotting landscapes to sketch. We particularly enjoyed seeing a wide range of wildlife including a Heron. 


In Science this week we were given lots of materials to test their properties. We tested for magnetism, permeability. flexibility, hardness and transparency. We had to select the materials we wanted to test collaboratively then decide how we were going to keep our experiments fair. 

Important Notes


Welcome to Year 5, I am really looking forward to getting to know your children and watching them progress this year, they have already made a great start. Please make sure that I am kept up to date with any changes in circumstances so that we can work together to provide the best support for your child.   

READING- It is very important that your child remembers to bring their reading book to school EVERY DAY and takes it home to read at night. If you can support your children with this, I would be very grateful.

HOMEWORK- Please support your child with their homework. Homework books must be signed by a parent and handed in on a Wednesday so that they can be marked and prepared to be handed back on the Friday. It is great to see lots of creativity in their homework, please encourage your child to choose a variety of different challenges from the choice board and support them where possible.

PE KITS- Please remember to keep your child’s PE kit in school so that it is available for lessons. It can be washed at half term.

Mr Burgess