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Autumn 2


As part of our current learning challenge we found out that Victorian mill workers used to believe in mischievous spirits (Boggarts) who travelled over to Britain in the cotton bales from India. If the children in the mills did not work hard enough, the mill owners would tell them that the Boggarts would punish them. Although no Victorian children ever saw a Boggart, those who worked in the mills were very afraid of these mysterious creatures.

Just like us today, the children in the Victorian times had different imaginations of how the Boggarts looked. During our Art lessons this half term we are making our own Boggarts based on what we think they might look like. Keep an eye out for our finished models soon!

Our Finished Boggarts

Hyde Children's Christmas Market

Year 5 have taken part in the annual Hyde schools victorian market. All of the classes across school contributed to items for Year 5 to sell on their market stall. It was a cold but successful day, where all children got an opportunity to work on the stall selling items to the public. We will now count our money to see how much we have made and will decide which charity we want to donate our profits to.

Well done Year 5

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Year 5 Victorian Plays

Year 5 children have written and performed their own Victorian plays this week. The parents who came to the exhibition enjoyed a Victorian mince pie, a lemonade and 5 factually accurate historical plays, which were written, directed and performed by the children using their learning from this half term. The children did an exceptional job and put on a wonderful show. Well done Year 5.