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Welcome to Summer 2 in Year 4

Visit to Leeds Armoury

We had a great time at Leeds Armoury where we found out lots of information about how people have defended themselves over the different periods of time. It was a really fun day with lots of hands-on learning. We fought like Vikings, obeyed our Roman leader, created patterns for Henry VIII’s armour and tried on heavy armour that knights used to wear.


As part of RE this half term we have been looking at churches in the local area to compare and contrast them. We had a look in the Zion Congregational Church and Hyde Central Methodist Church. We were given lots of information about how the churches have changed over the years and have been modernised. We also looked at what else the churches in our local area help serve the community. We discussed what the ideal church would be too.

Fun, Friends and Fitness

We had a busy week with many exciting things going on. There was the mile run around the playground, Wake up Wednesday, Circle time activities thinking about friendship, a whole afternoon learning how to play chords on the piano or ukulele and we got the parachute out to play team games.