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Welcome to Summer 2 in Year 4

Learning Challenge

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Year 4 Visit to Liverpool

Year 4 went to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool on Monday. They had a great time using their headphone sets to find out information about the lives of the Beatles and why they were so popular. They took part in different activities in the Discovery Zone such as playing on the giant floor piano, colouring the faces of the FabFour in the style of Andy Warhol, finding out about the history of the 60’s, and dressing up in 60’s clothes listening to music on vinyls. It was a fun day and everyone enjoyed spending their money in the shop


We have been creating our own musical abstract paintings using Klee and Kandinsky as our inspiration. We listened to some jazz music and creating lines and shapes based on the sounds we heard. We had to use our noticing skills and our imagination to make links with the famous artist's ideas and our own interpretations of the music. We were really absorbed in this exercise, found it great fun and are keen to finish the designs off with colour.


Year 4 Songs

We loved our trip to the Beatles Museum and have enjoyed learning their songs. We have been really challenged to write our own song lyrics like The Beatles did. We chose  our own favourite background music to use and added our words to it. The lyrics had to be something that linked to the 5 ways of wellbeing which we have been learning about in school: connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and give. We worked really hard together in our group planning what to do, making decisions, agreeing on lyrics, revising our work, choosing accompanying instruments (some we made ourselves as part of our choiceboard homework) and practising to perform our own song. It was really difficult but we persevered and are really happy with our final results. We thought we would sing our songs in front of our parents, family and friends but we were quite nervous to even sing in front of the different groups, so we made the decision to record it and put it on the website instead. It also means that we can listen to it whenever we want to and share it with our friends.
Hope you enjoy listening to them.

Aaron Adara Sadia Yusra.mp3Adam Luke Zainab Tasnim.mp3Isaac Darnelle Humaira Peyton.mp3Louisa Poppy Cali Isabelle.mp3Rosie Aneesa.mp3Rosie Aneesa (2).mp3Yahya Sidhra Kieron Michelle.mp3Zaara Marjaan Adnaan Ayaan.mp3Zakir Tanjila Ashley Evie-Mai.mp3



In maths we have been persevering the find equivalent fractions. We used the fraction wall to help us with our reasoning skills to explain how we knew our answers were correct. We then went on to ordering fractions and solving missing numbers within challenging questions.

Important Notes

We have a school trip booked on Monday 9th July to the Beatles Museum in Liverpool. This will be an exciting day where pupils will be able to learn more about the history of such an iconic group. More details about this trip will be sent shortly.

Swimming is going to continue until the end of this school year which is great news for all pupils. They will be able to achieve more confidence in themselves and hopefully more awards too.


Homework will continue as before. It will be handed out each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. Please support and check your child’s homework as much as you can and please sign it each week.


Please make sure your child has a full PE kit (named!) in school including pumps or trainers so that it is readily available for lessons.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Twinn