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Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 4

Making Boats

As a wow to their topic about the Dark Ages, Year 4 worked as a group to design and make their own boats. We tested them out by adding weights when they were in water and the strongest boat was Rosie and Cali's. Well done!


We have made careful observations in science to see how good we are at brushing our teeth. We used plaque disclosing tablets to see what plaque was left on our teeth after we had brushed them. It was very exciting to brush our teeth in school!

Learning Challenges

Click on the image to find out more about what we will be learning this term.

Year 4(12)

Year 4 Letter

We are really encouraging the pupils to be confident with the basic skills in number this term and will focus on securing both mental recall of number facts, including knowing times tables and confidently using the written calculations in problems. We will also be revising our work so that the basic letter and sentence formation is consistently used correctly. Please check the children do this with their homework.

Swimming is going to continue until the end of this school year which is great news for all pupils. They will be able to achieve more confidence in themselves and hopefully more awards too.


Homework will continue as before. It will be handed out each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. Please support and check your child’s homework as much as you can and please sign it each week.


Please make sure your child has a full PE kit (named!) in school including pumps or trainers so that it is readily available for lessons.

Thank you for your continuing support.
Mrs Twinn

Making Saxon Jewellery

We have been designing Saxon jewellery as part of our Dark Ages learning challenge. We had to use our noticing skills to carefully imitate our designs to make a good brooch.

Visit from a Viking

Year 4 had a really exciting day on Tuesday 1st May when a Viking came to school. 'Robbie' the Viking told us lots of information about the time in the Dark Ages and gave us many things to think about. We enjoyed collaborating to crack codes which were written in the runic alphabet, looking at artefacts from the era and practising fighting in the style of the Vikings. We were very lucky to create our own movie which was called Ragnarok, based on a Norse myth. We had so much fun. Thank you Robbie for a great day!


Ragnarok was a series of future events that the Vikings believed would happen. They included a great battle that would result in the death of a number of Gods. It also predicted various natural disasters and the submersion of the world in water. Ragnarok means “fate of the Gods” in Old Norse.

Ragnarok Film_x264.mp4

Survival Skills

We are all working really hard with our swimming and have been enjoying the survival lessons. Although it was much harder to swim with our clothes on, it was great fun!!

Visiting the Dentist

We have also been to the dentist as part of our science. We told the dental hygienist everything we had found out about teeth and how to look after them and asked some really good questions to find out more. She showed us some of the tools they use to clean teeth and what might happen to our teeth as we get older. Some of us got a chance to sit in the dentist chair. Luckily we didn't need any treatment! 

Sharing our Learning with Parents

It was lovely to see the parents on Thursday 24th May to share our learning with you. We watched our Ragnorak movie and showed off a range of our skills in books and items we have made. Thank you for your continued support this year.