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Welcome to Summer Term 1 in Year 4

Learning Challenge

Click on the image to find out more about our learning challenge for this half term.

Is there enough food for everyone in the world?

As part of our learning challenge ‘Is there enough food for everyone in the world?’, we asked Mrs Goodwin if she could talk to us about the food bank in Hyde where she volunteers. She gave us lots of information about where it is, who uses it, how they get to use it, what they are allowed and when it was open. She gave us all a challenge to create the right food parcel for particular groups of people- with children, vegetarians, family of 6, single person living in a tent and many more. It was really challenging but fun. We were surprised by the amount of food that is needed for just 3 days. Our challenge as a class is to make a donation to the food bank which we will deliver at the end of this term.

Collecting Food for the Foodbank

We collected many items of food to donate to the Hyde food bank to answer our learning challenge question ‘Is there enough food in the world for everyone?’ We feel really proud that we have supported a local cause and know that we have helped provide enough food for people in Hyde who need it.

Charlotte's Web

We are reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White and as a wow to begin our book we went to the farm at Flowery Field Primary School to have a look at the animals there. We saw pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits and alpacas. We were able to touch, hold and feed the animals. It was a great start to our class novel and we are looking forward to finding out what happens in the story. Thank you Mr Fell for letting us come to your school.

Making Bacteria

We are working hard to make 3D bacteria sculptures out of clay. First we had to design our bacteria images based on photos of sculptures from the artist Luke Jerram, then we had to begin to shape it like our design. It was fun but challenging to make it look the same. 

Bacteria sculptures created using a range of materials inspired by Eva Kwong.

NSPCC Buddy's Workout

We did a mini olympics for the sponsored NSPCC Buddy’s Workout. We had great fun in the hall doing sprints and hurdles. It is always nice when we can support charities and know we are helping other children. 

Year 4 Letter


Swimming is going to continue until the end of this school year which is great news for all pupils. Please just make sure that pupils have had a good breakfast before we go swimming as it is very tiring first thing in a morning.


Pupils will be taking part in a national multiplication tables test this year and it is expected that pupils will have a quick recall of facts up to 12 X 12 by the end of the school year. Pupils can come to school earlier at 8:30 to go on the iPads on Timestable Rockstars to help with this. It can also be practised any time at home too.


Homework will continue as before. It will be handed out each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. Please support and check your child’s homework as much as you can and please sign it each week.


Please make sure your child has their reading book in school every day and returns their library book on Thursdays.


Please make sure your child has a full PE kit (named!) in school including pumps or trainers so that it is readily available for lessons.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Twinn


We have been learning about prayer in our RE lessons and looked at key questions- What is prayer?
How do people pray?
When do people pray?
Why do people pray?
Where do people pray?
We reflected on our own experiences of prayer and discussed this as a class. We changed our worship area so that we could use it when we would like to say a prayer too. It is nice having a bright focal point in the classroom to look at.

Visiting the Dentist

As part of our learning challenge we have been learning about the digestive system and what happens to the food we eat. The process begins with the teeth in our mouth so we went to the dentist and spoke to the hygienist who told us about the ways we can look after our teeth. We had lots of questions prepared for her and we came back with lots of new knowledge. 

Cleaning our Teeth

We used disclosing tablets to check how good we were at brushing our teeth. It was fun to see how red our teeth got and realise how important it is to brush our teeth properly so that plaque will not build up and cause cavities.


As part of our science we carried out a fair test investigation to observe which drink affects teeth more then others. We used duck eggs to test the drinks on as they are similar to teeth. We decided which drinks we wanted to test: water, milk, Ribena, Lucozade, pure orange juice and lemonade. To make it a fair test we used the same size duck eggs, same sized container, same amount of liquid and they were kept in the same environment for the same time. We predicted which drink would affect the teeth more than others and made observations over 4 days.
We were surprised with our observations. We noticed that Ribena had the worst effect on teeth and stained them really brown. We were also surprised to see the damage pure orange juice has on teeth too but realised that it contained hidden natural sugars. It was an ‘eggciting’ investigation.

Decimal Maths

We have been learning all about decimals in maths. We have been rounding them this week and Mrs Twinn set us the activity to measure our heights and round our digits to the nearest metre then 10 cm. It helped us understand more about rounding and making links with other learning. We also had to put the heights in ascending order when we were finished- it was tricky!


As part of our swimming lessons some of us had the chance to wear our clothes in the water. We were practising life skills which might happen in real life. If we saw someone struggling in the water we wouldn’t take our clothes off to help them, we would just jump in and help save their life! That’s what we were practising.
We also had to swim against the rapids which we found very challenging too. We were very tired after this lesson.