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Welcome to Spring Term 2 2020!

Why should Hyde become a Fairtrade town?

Planning spring 2(1)

Ash Wednesday

During the weekly church service we were finding out about what Ash Wednesday is and Sophie went up and had an ash cross put on her forehead.

Sophie Ash Wednesday


We love poetry! heartWe have written a poem using the setting from our class novel 'The Lost Happy Endings'. We used the illustrations to give us inspiration for our ideas. We looked at the forest setting painting we made a few weeks ago and pretended we were Mary Poppins jumping into the scene. We used our imagining muscles to add detail to our mindmapped ideas based on our senses. What could we see, hear, smell and feel? We created a poem using a particular framework: 

phrase expressing what we could see, hear or smell

word expressing the feeling               (these 2 lines were repeated again and again)

We were very keen to perform these poems to everyone else and wanted to develop our green screen skills by reading our poem in front of a forest setting. 



WORLD BOOK DAY- Thursday 5th March

To celebrate World Book Day- Book at Bedtime, we all came to school wearing our pyjamas. It was a great day where we spent a lot of time discussing our favourite books, reading independently, listening to our class novel and taking part in the House Reading Quiz. Mrs Mather had a session in the library at lunchtime for us to hear some stories too.


We had a GREAT science day and lots of fun too!! To start the day we had an assembly with Mr Tabernor from Alder CHS which was full of amazing facts and practical experiments. We found out how long our intestines were- VERY long, Miss Mees sat on a bed of nails and the highlight of the assembly was Mr Burgess getting soaking wet! laughMr Tabernor came into our classroom after the assembly and gave us lots of information about static electricity. We were able to play with the static balloons and also have a go on the  Van De Graaff machine. It was very funny watching all the hair sticking up. Even Mrs Twinn had a go smiley and created a huge electric shock with Mr Kilpatrick.

This half term's whole school question is 'How can we change the World?' As a class, we are going to be completing the learning challenge 'Why should Hyde become a Fairtrade town?' We have already discussed what this might involve and have got some great ideas about how we might begin to achieve this.

Homework Learning Choiceboard activities

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Fairtrade Fortnight

We were given the challenge to bake something for the Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon on Thursday using Fairtrade ingredients. We decided to make some biscuits and dip them in chocolate afterwards. We really enjoyed working with Mrs Begum to do this and tasting them too!! yes

Fairtrade Artwork

We have been working with Mrs Taylor in art to design a double page spread about Fairtrade using Fairtrade packaging to help it look good and additional detail about our campaign. We also found out about 'craftivism' and are researching Betsy Greer who is an inspirational craftivist. We are looking forward to creating our own piece of 'craftivist' artwork in a similar style.



We came up with some questions we thought were really important to ask the community of Hyde about Fairtrade to help us with our learning challenge- Why should Hyde become a Fairtrade town? We split up in smaller house groups and went to different places around Hyde to ask our questions. It was very interesting what the local people knew about Fairtrade and what they thought about our campaign. It was clear to all of us that we need to educate the people more about Fairtrade in order to continue with this campaign.  We were very grateful to everyone who helped us with our questionnaire and thanked them with a Fairtrade chocolate.  

During Science Day, we went out in our school grounds to search for animals in their local environment. We looked under logs, in leaf piles, inbetween cracks, under the soil and in the bushes. We found many bugs and used the identification key to help recognise which bug it was based on its features.  

PE- Rounders

It was lovely to go outside in the sunshine for our PE lesson and play a game of rounders. Our skills improved as the game progressed and there were some great batters in the class.