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Welcome to Spring 2 in Year 4

Making our own Games

As part of our choiceboard homework challenges, pupils enjoyed designing and making their own game which linked to crime and punishment! Some games were very creative and came with detailed instructions. We enjoyed trying these games out and look forward to playing them again.

Important Notes

Swimming is going to continue until the end of this school year which is great news for all pupils. Please just make sure that pupils have had a good breakfast before we go swimming as it is very tiring first thing in a morning.

I am in the process of booking a trip to Manchester Crown Courts. It will link with our learning about crime and punishment during Anglo-Saxon rule as we will compare it to modern times. As soon as I have finalised the details, I will let you know more.

MATHS Pupils will be taking part in a national multiplication tables test this year and it is expected that pupils will have a quick recall of facts up to 12 X 12 by the end of the school year. Pupils can come to school earlier at 8:30 to go on the iPads on Timestable Rockstars to help with this. It can also be practised any time at home too.

HOMEWORK Homework will continue as before. It will be handed out each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. Please support and check your child’s homework as much as you can and please sign it each week.

PE Please make sure your child has a full PE kit (named!) in school including pumps or trainers so that it is readily available for lessons.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Twinn

Learning Challenge

Click on the image to find out more about our Learning Challenge.

Trip to Manchester Crown Court


Year 4 went on a trip to Manchester Crown Court on Wednesday 27th March as part of our learning challenge “Does the punishment always fit the crime?” It was really good to see inside the court room and take part in a role play based on a real case. Each child joined in and had a vital role to play based on those found in a typical court. They were: barristers, solicitors, clerks, ushers, witnesses, members of the jury, judge and the defendant. It was great fun and everyone took their role seriously, enjoying dressing up in the expensive wigs and gowns. We were given lots of information about crimes and punishments today and what happens if you are called to be part of the jury. The pupils found the defendant guilty of his anti-social behaviour crimes, just like the real court room did too. Well done, what a great job! There are definitely a few pupils who would be fantastic in the profession when they are older. We had to be extremely quiet as we were going through the security check on the way in and walking to the court room as there were live cases being held in the other courtrooms. It was a great day and everyone was very well behaved. No one was left behind bars! 😉