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Year 4 Spring 1- Welcome to the year 2020!

Information Booklet for this term

Our whole school question is "Are all inventions good?" and as a class we are focusing on the question "How can we create more sustainable electricity?" The information below tells you how we will be answering this question and our other learning for this half term.


Homework Choiceboard

Please check out the homework choiceboard to see the range of home learning that has been chosen by the pupils to do. 


Wonder Walk...

As part of our reading in English we went on a walk to a forest location in our local area and read the next page of our class novel. We stood, looked up and were absorbed in our environment whilst listening to the next part of our story. We had to imagine we were the character Jub and we were following her foosteps. 

We created our own version of the setting of our story and tried to blend the colours together to make it look as if it was dusk. We went outside and found a twig to use as a brush to paint the trees with. It was quite tricky, but definitely fun!

Investigating Circuits

We had a great time with all of the electrical equipment out. We had to predict if we thought the circuit was complete or incomplete based on a diagram. We had fun investigating using buzzers, lights and motors. We all managed to complete the challenge to make a wind turbine using the equipment we had. We can't wait to carry on with our learning next week. 

Children's Mental Health Week


During Children's Mental Health Week, we had many opportunities to discuss how we were feeling and what we thought 'mental health' meant. We had some great discussions and took part in circle time. The focus was about being brave and that means talking about our worries, not bottling them up or pretending we're ok when we are not. We looked at different emotions and did some drama based on situations we might find ourselves in. We know the imprtance of our mental health and know that it isn't just important this week, but all the time! We need to find our brave and keep it. smiley


We were really proud of our finished designs. 


We shared our learning with our peers, family and friends. Thank you very much to everyone who came and looked at our inventions. We enjoyed explaining what we have been learning about and showing how to make an electric circuit too. 

“I thought it was fun collaborating with each other and making something physical. I enjoy design and technology and making links with my learning.”  Adam

“It was really hard to make but we worked together and revised our ideas by adding more reflective mirrors and we were successful.”   Israa K

“I thought it was great because we got to make electric circuits. It was a good project.”  Alfie

“It was fun when we collaborated as a team and when we helped each other.”  Ariana

School Value for this half term- TRUST

We contributed to the hall display by creating fish to represent our value of TRUST for this half term. We used string and tinfoil to make the fish look 3D and painted them bright colours. Inside we wrote a six word sentence about what trust means to us. Some examples of these were:

Believing in something you can't see.

Help elderly people cross the road.

Trust is knowing God is there.

I trust you, you trust me.  

Our class reflective area has some of our fish on too.


We have been multiplying and dividing decimals by 10 and 100. We persevered really well with this and have understood the rules. This knowledge has hopefully been 'stuck' to our brains.yes



On Thursday 23rd January we had a NO ELECTRICITY DAY in class!!! We decided to imagine what it would be like to not rely on the amazing energy source and see if we could cope without it. We did really well. To begin, we used the TASC wheel to plan out our day and came up with some rules.

  • No computer, iPad, Interactive whiteboard
  • No register
  • No lights
  • No use of heating or air conditioning
  • No Collective Worship with everybody else- they use the iPad for music and computer and projector to display the words

We had alternatives instead. We used a paper copy of a class list to take the register, we had candles on the tables to light the room and used the natural light from the window and we sang song which we knew the words to and the tune. It was a really successful day and made us discuss lots of interesting topics such as other energy sources and the need for fresh air and light to help with our wellbeing. We all decided it would be a good idea to do it again in the summer to see if there is a difference.

Class Assembly- AGENTS FOR CHANGE!

Well done to everyone for their great enthusiasm during the class assembly. We shared our learning based on renewable and non-renewable energy sources. We explained why it is important to look after our environment and how we can all be AGENTS FOR CHANGE. We can all make a difference to the world- every little helps. Everyone sang beautifully to 'We are the World' and had a little encore at the end. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and friends who came to watch us. Hopefully they will have conversations about the things they can do to be agents for change in their own home.   

Investigating the Trinity

As part of our learning about the Trinity, we had to link kennings in to groups of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It was quite tricky and made us have some good discussions why we grouped them where we did. We were then challenged to write our own kennings.  

More investigative science!!

We are loving investigating electricity in science, and this week we have created our own working switches. We first tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators then we knew which we could use to help design a switch which would break a complete circuit. 

Using the TASC wheel- Design and make a solar oven

We have had a great week being inventors. We used the TASC wheel to plan, carry out and evaluate our learning. We know that we need to create more sustainable electricity, so our design brief was to create a solar oven that would melt chocolate. It was a super opportunity to practise our Building Learning Powers and help become and AGENT FOR CHANGE at the same time. 

We researched and planned the oven before started and could use any resources we thought would be suitable. We had great fun making it and revising our ideas as our inventions developed. 

Unfortunately it was not the best conditions to test our solar ovens but luckily we had an alternative plan. We used a heat lamp to replace the sun and set it up on a stand. It was a fair test because the conditions to test them were the same for each group. We used the same: lamp, distance from the lamp, digital thermometer, timer, container for the chocolate and the same size chocolate to test them. We measured the time it took for the chocolate to melt and the heat inside the oven at that point. We found out that the winning group was the one that had more reflective material in and around it. We decided that we are going to do this again in the summer term and hopefully test it out using the sun.smiley