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Welcome to Autumn 2 2018 in Year 4


We went on a history hunt around our local area to notice any evidence of history around us. We realised there was many examples. We saw a few mills and recognised why there were so many windows in them. We saw dates painted on to buildings and also names of people from the past had roads or streets named after them.


We have been investigating electrical circuits and adding a switch to one we have made. We used our imaginative muscle to create something which included a circuit and either a bulb, buzzer or a motor. We had many different ideas. Some of us made a game for our friends to play and some of us made links and included a Christmas theme too.

Learning Challenge

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Year 4(2)

As part of our learning challenge called ‘Where did you get that hat?’ we made links with our learning and planned, designed, revised and improved a hat which represented what the Industrial Revolution means to us. It was a very creative activity but it had to include relevant facts to support our choice of objects on the hat. We used information collected from : our trip to the hat museum, research from the internet and reference books in the classroom, listening to accounts from the time, looking at pictures and artefacts and watching video clips. These difference sources helped us to be more reflective and resourceful learners. We used many Building Learning Powers to create these hats and are really proud of our finished designs.
These hats are going to be presented to parents and friends in the form of an informative fashion show, explaining the learning and creativity behind the ideas.

Finished Hats