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Write like an Author

As part our ‘Write like an author’ session focusing on The Borrower story, we collaborated and made our own Borrower houses. These were great fun to make and we really used our imagination with the small detail. 

2017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 1(1)2017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 32017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 52017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 7
2017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 22017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 42017 Aut Y4 Borrowers 6


At the end of our Borrowers story we worked with Year 3 and read our stories to them and they read their stories to us. It was good peer assessing the same story and we worked really well together.


We have been working on our team building skills and we have been practising how to take turns, listen to each other’s opinions, share and, most of all, work collaboratively. We have had great fun building the tallest sculptures out of pasta and marshmallows, stacking cups using string and an elastic band and playing cards. We look forward to these times, even though it is not easy, but we know how valuable it is.