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Welcome to Year 4 - Autumn 2017

Year 4 Learning Challenge

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Year 4(7)

Year 4 Autumn Letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 4! My name is Mrs Twinn and I will be teaching your children this year, along with Miss Blair.

I am getting to know the children quickly and they have all made a positive start to Year 4.

Homework will continue to be sent home on a Friday and is to be completed by the following Wednesday. All challenges are linked to the skills the children are practising throughout the year will develop their ‘Building Learning Powers’ too. This will link to work we have done in class but children may need your support.

We will be going to the swimming baths on Tuesday mornings; please make sure your child is in school for 8.25am every Tuesday morning as we aim to leave at 8.30am to ensure we get to the swimming baths on time for the lesson.

Please ensure your children have their PE kits available in school and all items are fully named.     

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Twinn              

Write like an author - English lesson

Year 4 have been stretching their noticing muscles. They had to read the sentences, notice the mistakes and correct them. After doing this in small groups, they worked closely with their Learning Partner to revise their own writing against the writing success criteria. 

River Trip

Year 4 had a great time on their trip to Park Bridge in Ashton on Wednesday. Despite the weather, it did not stop them from finding out about rivers as they walked along the River Medlock.They completed a challenge to design and create a working waterwheel
and sketched some of the river features they noticed on their walk.It was a very interesting day.


Year 4 are working with Mrs Taylor to design a pattern in the style of Linda Gass, who is inspired by the wilderness, maps and photographs. We are linking her design ideas with our river learning challenge and will create a silk painting once our pattern is completed. We were very absorbed in our learning when we had to add gutta to our silk. It was great fun.


In maths, Year 4 had to use their noticing skills to find the missing information to complete the table of lengths of famous rivers. They had to be able to read the text and look for the correct information needed and add it to the sheet. Once they had all the data, they had to order the lengths of the rivers from smallest to largest then round the lengths to the nearest 10 and 100.