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Welcome to Year 4 in Autumn 2

Whole school(6)

Outdoor learning

As part of our science challenge linked to sound we have been collecting data to help us with our learning. To begin, we went around the school building and outside of the classroom to listen to the sounds and recorded this. The rain helped to create a selection of sounds we may not have heard if it had been a dry afternoon.  

Collective Worship

Aafreen, Mishmi and Maria led the collective worship based on wisdom today and did a brilliant job. They collaborated to plan, prepare and deliver the worship and everyone participated really well. There was an opportinity for pupils to reflect on the story of 'The Great Escape' and think of ways they could be less selfish. They finished by reading out some of the prayers from the box on the class reflective area. This worship was evaluated by Chloe. The girls worked hard to prepare the worship and they have inspired others to want to do it next time- well done! 

The Iron Man Poetry

We have loved reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes and created our own poem as a class, then individually based on what he would see in the scrap yard. We had great fun using repetition, onomatopoeia, alliteration and creating expanded noun phrases. We made a big chain using our creative sentences.

Swimming Closure= First Aid Training

Due to the closure of Hyde Leisure Pool for refurbishment we have taken part in a first aid course from the instructors. We learnt about water safety, recovery position and how to perform CPR. 

King Alfred Kennings

As part of our learning about the Anglo-Saxons and King Alfred we have made links with our English and historical research skills to write our own poems. We focused on writing Kennings (which were made popular during the Anglo-Saxon times) about King Alfred and used our computing skills to make a video using the green screen. 


Singing with Mr Halligan

This half term

This half term our whole school question is 'Can you imagine a world without words?'

The question that we will be investigating is 'Why was Alfred so great with his words?' We will be studying King Alfred and researcing why he was called Alfred the Great. We will look at the influence he had on Anglo-Saxon England and the legacy he has left behind. we will be making links with our writing and write poems focusing on historical research.  

aut 2

Science Art- What could sound look like?

We listened to a range of music genres and discussed what these sounds might look like if they were on paper. We were inspired by the jazz-influenced work of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky and tried to imitate some of their designs based on a music genre of our choice. We really like the bright colours and shapes we have used.

Investigating Sound

As part of our learning, we used an app called Decibel X to record the volume around different places in school. We were given a location to go to and recorded the decibels (dB) over 30 seconds and did this twice to get a fair test. After gathering and recording our results we were able to see if our predictions were correct. Not many people predicted that the office was the noisiest place in school!! We used our data to create graphs using an Excel document. 

Maths- Finding equivalent measures

We have been using triominoes to help us learn our equivalences between measures. It was a challenge but a fun way of learning. 

Trip to the temple and synagogue

On Thursday 5th December we went on a trip to visit two places of worship- the Hindu temple and the Jewish synagogue as part of our RE learning. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of interesting facts about how the two faiths worship in their special place. They were both fascinating and extremely welcoming to us. We took our shoes off to go in the temple and given the chance to wear a kippah in the synagogue. We had our lunch at Chorlton Waterpark. We walked a mile around the beautiful lake then were able to play in the park. It was a great day out! 


We were all rehearsing for our song to be recorded with Mr Halligan and had a great time. We had children doing a solo and some of the girls joined in with a small group performance too. Listen to sneak preview before it goes online!! 

Eiliyah and band.MOVMeraj.MOV