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Welcome to Year 4

Should we trade with the Raiders?

viking raider

English - The Iron Man

We have been practising our performance reading skills using the first few pages from our new class novel 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We were very resourceful and organised who was going to say which part and planned if we would use our body to create sound effects or not. It was a good team effort.

What a memorable experience to start us off!

We had a fantastic day with Robbie the Viking on Thursday 24th September. He came in to school to introduce us to our new learning challenge 'Should we trade with the Raiders?' The day was filled with many activities such as amulet making, presentation of historical facts focusing on daily life, discussions about how crimes were punished, drama, scene settings and a montage of events. We enjoyed using the props and looking at different artefacts to learn lots of new things. We can't wait to find out more about this challenge!

Collective Worship 29.9.20

Our worship leaders this week were Nicole, Masuma and Ayaan. They confidently delivered worship linked to our theme of love using the story of Mother Teresa as their focus. They planned and organised themselves really well and we enjoyed listening to our favourite songs 'City on a Hill' and 'My Lighthouse'.  

The Iron Man Poems

After reading chapter 3 of The Iron Man, we wrote our own scrapyard poems. We had to make sure that they included alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia and expanded noun phrases. We had great fun using the green screen and instruments! We made a lot of noise!!wink

IMG_2676Charlie, Samiya, Nicole, Sara.movIbrahim, Humayra, Ruby, Alexia_Trim (2).mp4Mohsin, Noah, Taheem, Cerys, Daisie-Mae, Hibbah.mov

World Food Day Friday 16th October 2020

As part of World Food Day on Friday 16th October 2020 we prepared a seasonal salad that we were going to share with some one we love. There are many things we can do to be 'Agents for Change' and we decided that making a seasonal salad would help by being healthy and using locally grown food that was in season. We wrote a message on the top to help educate others about World Food Day and what we can do to help. By giving it to someone we love also showed our school value for this half term. They were very tasty!! 

Writing Anglo-Saxon Runes

We had great fun writing our names in plastercine using the Anglo-Saxon Runic alphabet. Each mark was a straight line. We noticed that some of the letters were very similar to the alphabet we use. Can you work out some of the names?


Science- How is climate change affecting the environment?

We listened carefully about how the polar regions are being affected by climate change and collaborated with our table to make a poster about the new knowledge. 

Welcome back!

We have had such a great start to our new school year and I am so impressed with the enthusiasm and attitude of everyone. It is lovely to see a full class of pupils having fun, learning and playing together again. 

If anyone wants to contact me, please email me at y4@st-georges-hyde.tameside.sch.uk and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Mrs Twinn

Science Learning Outdoor

As part of our science for this half term we have been in the eco area and orchard looking for living things in our local habitat. We used an identification booklet to name any insects we were not sure of. We created intersecting venn diagrams to sort animals in the wider area in to groups of our own choice.  


We have enjoyed using Purple Mash to create our own backgrounds and characters to create our own program and code. It has been challenging but fun!

Iron Man character freeze

We created a freeze frame of the moment Hogarth arrived home and told his family about seeing the Iron Man. Can you guess which characters we are? We are either Hogarth, mum, dad or the little sister. 

Ahbabur, Jamil, Zahra.movAleena, Ayaan, Majid, Kadija.movKian, Aleem, Aliza, Amira.movMasuma, Harry, Daniyal, Mahika.mov

Using our noticing skills as geographers

We used our noticing skills to look on a map for settlements which have an influence from Anglo-Saxon times. Some of these ended in 'ham, borne, ton, bury, wich'. It was challenging but we enjoyed finding as many places as we could. 


Thank you very much for all the generous gifts you have all contributed towards Harvest.


Preparing for the trade fair

Collective Worship 20.10.20

This week's collective worship was led by Daisie-Mae, Khadija and Nicole. They used the theme of loving our animals as the focus for the worship. We watched a short clip of creation and then we saw some cute photographs of our pets. Even Mrs Twinn added a photograph of her new Dalmation puppy Blue.