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'Let all that you do be done in love' (1 Corinthians 16:14)

Science Observations

Mr Kilpatrick brought some of the replica animal skulls he has to show us the different types of teeth animals have. We found it really interesting to look in the mouths and identify which teeth we could see. It was tricky to identify the animal but we could name the different teeth and the function they have. We could also suggest what kind of diet the animal had based on the different teeth. 

We are really interested in this subject so far and there are going to be many exciting learning activities to come soon...

Felt making with Mrs Taylor

We had a fantastic, energetic, exciting lesson with Mrs Taylor who showed us how to make felt. We are learning about the goods which were transported on the canals during the Victorian times and our local area was famous for making hats. These would have been taken on a barge and delivered using the canal to other areas of the country. Many hats were made out of felt and we had the chance to make felt. It was very tiring but great fun!!!smiley


Anti-Bullying Week 16th November

We wore odd socks to begin 'Anti-Bullying Week'. We learnt about how we can all be different and still loved by God. We discussed vocabulary linked to bullying and talked about our own experiences or thoughts about it. We could talk about the differences between being mean, rude or bullying. As tables, we created a short drama about a story image linked to bullying and acted this out in front of the class. We know that bullying means STOP- Several Times On Purpose.   


Canal Walk- to start our new learning challenge we went for a walk to Hyde canal to identify some of the features of it. We will return with a map to locate some of the buildings nearby too.

Long canal walk

We went for another walk along the canal but this time we were armed with an Ordnance Survey map of our local area and a clipboard. We had to identify on the map any evidence we could see of industrialisation in the area. We were able to notice the canal, railway, old factories which were still being used and had dates painted on the side, houses built close together near the factories and we also saw some of the walls and gates left behind from factories which have since been knocked down. We walked back along the disused railway track to school.  Despite being focused on our learning, we found time to stop and reflect on the beautiful surroundings. We are very lucky to live so close to the countryside where we can appreciate God's creation. We were very tired and ready for our lunch when we got back to school!! 

Sneak peak for Christmas...


We went for a lovely walk up to Werneth Low on Tuesday afternoon to film our part in the Christmas play. As you can see from the sneak preview, we were shepherds and sheep. Watch out for the final production of the nativity nearer Christmas. 


As part of our maths lesson and our treat we practised our fractions by using Skittles. We had to work out the denominator by counting the total number of Skittles in the pack. To work out the fraction of the colours, we sorted them in the same groups and counted them. This became our numerator. The best bit was eating them at the end!!!heart

Our journey on the Huddersfield Canal

On 8th Decemeber, we went on a barge as part of our learning challenge 'Why is there a canal in Hyde?' We met our Captain Mark at Portland Basin in Ashton. The Ashton Canal, Huddersfield Canal and the Peak Forest Canal all meet at this junction. We travelled along the Huddersfield Canal, through a dark tunnel and in to a lock towards Stalybridge. It took about 10 minutes to go up the lock. We got off the barge and had a look over the bridge to see how deep the lock was. We were very surprised!surpriseOn the way back, we saw a moored barge with the puppets Rosie and Jim inside. Despite the bad weather we had a great trip and were grateful to be out of school for a few hours.

Prayer Bags

We decided what we wanted to go in our lovely hessian prayer bags. They now have got a teaspoon, love heart, stone, plastercine and a piece of Lego. We will add to these items as there were other things we wanted to go in. 

Remembrance Day- 11th November

On Wednesday the whole school stood outside in the playground to pay our respects for Remembrance Day or Armistice Day. We found out what it is all about and the meanings behind some of the symbols. We worked as tables to create a poem about Remembrance Day based on what we had found out and created poppies. Our work is displayed on the outside of school for others to see. 

When we stood outside in silence we felt a mixture of emotions. Some of us said we felt sad as we were remembering those people who had died and some of us said we felt happy that we were respecting the soldiers who had died so we could have our freedom.  

BEAUTIFUL BUBBLES- we had great fun looking at the different colours on the bubbles we were playing with at playtime. We were fascinated with the changing colours. It was beautiful and so simple.



We are learning about the digestive system in science and the first part of the digestive system is what happens inside our mouth. We have looked at teeth and today we were given the challenge to brush our teeth well. To test how good we were, Mrs Twinn gave us a disclosing tablet which we had to chew. It made our mouths turn purple and blue and we also had pink tongues! The disclosing tablet showed any plaque which was still in our mouths so we could see how good we were at brushing our teeth. We had to rebrush our teeth again to get rid of the colour. Some of us went home with pink tongues!   

We designed some posters to encourage people to brush their teeth

RE display reflecting our learning about the symbolism of light. We looked at Christianity- Jesus being the light of the world, Hinduism (Diwali) and Judaism (Hanukkah).

RE display

Leon and the Place Between posters

As part of our class novel, Leon and the Place Between, we designed a poster to persuade people to go to see the new character called Abdul Kazam in an amazing show. Here are some of our finished posters.