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Welcome to Year 3 Spring 2 2019

Wow! A great start to stretching our learning muscles and reflecting on our learning!

We had a great day of STEM challenges to start our new Learning Challenge. It was amazing to see how engaged and absorbed the children were with their challenges. We started to stretch our 'meta-learning muscles' to understand ourselves as learners by reflecting on each challenge and thinking what we would change to improve, or what made us successful!

Art - What can we make from our mistakes?

Learning Challenge

This half term we will be exploring the question ‘Can I Engineer like Edison?’ This will be a great opportunity to work scientifically, apply lots of design and technology skills and understand ourselves as meta-learners!

Salt Dough Switches!

Our Parent STEM Afternoon

To show off their learning this half term, Year Three created a STEM Day to challenge their parents!

It was great to see how much children learned from this Learning Challenge and it was amazing to see how they interracted and challenged parents to explore their Building Learning Power muscles!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback from parents, carers and visitors, your children did a fantasic job!

They would also like to congratulate you on your fantastic learning, with lots of perseverence, making links, being reflective and resourceful! (as well as many other learning muscles!)