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Welcome to Year 3 in Autumn 2

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This half term

This half term our whole school question is 'Can you imagine a world without words?'

The question that we will be investigating is 'How does art tell a story through the ages?' where we will learn about the Stone Age to Iron Age and explore how historians know about the past through the art that has been discovered!

We will be developing and innovating with our skills as artists to express what our lives are like now, just as the Stone Age people did for us.

Learning in Year Three

We hope you had a great holiday and that you are ready for a very busy Autumn term! This is the time of year where children need to be secure with everything that they have learned and ensure that they practice and perfect anything that they don’t quite understand, both in school and at home. Your teachers are always here to help if you need them. We will be focusing on developing our pace and raising our expectations now that we are settled in to Year Three.

Exploring our own timelines

We have been exploring historical timelines and locating The Stone Age, comparing it to the location of our previous learning about the Romans. We understood the chronology better by exploring events along our own timelines.


Remembrance Day


Friendship Friday and Anti-Bullying Week

As part of Friendship Friday and Anti-Bullying week, we have created friendship badges for our classmates, worn odd socks to celebrate difference and looked at ways to deal with issues arising in our friendships.


Foraging for food like hunter-gatherers

Aut 2 title
Y3 booklet

Exploring the rules of other faiths

We have been comparing cave paintings to more modern pop art


In science we will be learning about rocks, soils and fossils

Our first investigation was to discover the three main rock groups and think of a creative way to share this information with others! 

English - Stone Age cookery!

As part of our English, we have been researching food from the Stone Age and creating scripts for our YouTube cookery shows! 


As our project presentation we are proud to share with you, our modern art gallery! We created representations of ourselves in the style of Keith Haring and shared these with our visitors. Without using words, we showed how we can tell a story about our lives now, using art to represent this.

We wonder if you can understand something about us from our art, just like we knew about Neolithic people from their cave paintings...