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Year Three Autumn 2

Anti-Bullying Week


Derby led our collective worship about our value friendship


We thanked God for our friends and used our prayer boxes to reflect on the things close to our heart.

Investigating the rules that other religions follow

We have had an interesting few weeks, exploring the rules that are followed by different religions. Making links between Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. We took time to appreciate the commonalities throughout the world and know that even though we have differences, we are still held together through our beliefs. 


What's Through the Keyhole?

Dear Parents, Carers and Children,

This term our whole school theme is ‘family’ and the question that we will be investigating is ‘What’s through the keyhole?' where we will learn about Victorian houses and how they were both similar and different to our houses now. We will express our learning through a ‘room in a box’ project.

I would encourage you to take your child to Portland Basin museum in Ashton, when it reopens where they can experience a Victorian Street, including house, school, shops and more! Unfortunately they are closed to visitors at this time.

Click below for this term's information booklet


The Victorians

This week we have been using our noticing skills to look at an image of Queen Victoria.

We then looked at how life was similar and different to life today for both the rich and the poor. We will be looking into how their houses were differnt and what we might see inside them in the coming weeks. 


Comparing Victorian and modern houses