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Welcome to Year 3 - Autumn 1 2018

Learning Challenge

Click on the image to find our more about what we will be learning this term.

Are we a healthy community pic

Looking at a healthy and not so healthy Hyde

We  began our Learning Challenge by exploring Market Street from the gym at the top end of Market Street to the gym near our Town Hall. We were shocked to find how many fast food and takeaways there were in between and decided that we wanted to help our community to be healthy!

Exploring ways to represent numbers

We began our maths this year by understanding number and place value. We had lots of fun representing numbers in lots of different ways!

Problem solving!

Using Place Value counters to represent numbers, we collaborated with our partners to solve tricky addition problems. We were able to make lots of links when we noticed what happened when we had to exchange counters!

Outdoor Learning

On Thursday (27th September) Year Three had their outdoor learning day where we visited Hyde Leisure Pool to find out about health and fitness. It was fascinating to find out about some of the gym equipment and how people use it to stay healthy. We also discovered lots of facts about swimming!  In the afternoon we took part in our healthy picnic then played sports, as well as having fun and using lots of energy on the playground!

Year 3 Letter

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great Summer break and you are ready for a year full of challenge and excitement! This half term we have chosen to learn about keeping healthy and how we can do this both physically and mentally.

A reminder that children are collected from the playground at 8:40am when our school day begins. Please make sure you arrive before this time so our learning is not interrupted. If we have left the playground, please come into school via the office.


Please make sure your child brings their reading book every day, even if it’s not their reading day and remember to read with them at home as much as you can – it really does make a huge difference to their learning! Library books should be brought in on Wednesday so the children can exchange them.

Times Tables

Please help your child practice their times tables at home.  By the end of year 3, all children should know both the multiplication and division facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.


Homework is given each Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. It consists of set challenges each week PLUS a choice of one of the challenges from the choice board – you choose which one each week but it must be completed to the standard expected in Year Three. Homework should be done with a parent to help your child grow as a learner. Please see a teacher before the day homework is due if there are any problems or you need any help.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr Nuttall


Each week we will set a new challenge through MyMaths, which children have access to via the link below. Each child has their own password so their teachers can track their progress and give them more personalised challenges. These are a great way of helping children, whilst having lots of fun! There are also a number of games that children can choose to play. Speak to Mr Nuttall if you need any help.

Home Learning Challenges!

The Home Learning Challenges above are designed for parents and children to work together to achieve. Children in Year Three are expected to complete one choice per week, but some choose to do more!

It is lovely to hear about the children's choices and progress with these challenges!

Leon and the Place Between

The book that we will be using as a stimulus for our writing this half term is 'Leon and the Place Between' By Grahame Baker-Smith and we kicked off our learning with a WOW sensory experience, exploring fun fairs and our senses... we loved tasting popcorn and candyfloss whilst listening to the sounds of the fair!