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Welcome to Year 2 - Spring 2018

Discovering a Dinosaur Egg

We were shown some video footage of a dinosaur, spotted in and around our school. We noticed that the dinosaur was a T-Rex and that he or she looked angry because someone had disturbed them when they were protecting their egg. We went to the places we saw on the video, looking for the egg. We eventually found it hidden in the hall. We thought that the dinosaur had brought it inside to keep it warm.

Tameside Rocks

A new craze has recently hit Tameside. Decorated rocks are appearing all across the Tameside area. People are decorating rocks and hiding them in parks across Tameside for people to find. They are “Walking the path of Well Being” by going to the park to hide/ hunt for the rocks. Therefor they are staying active as well as connecting with people (Making friendship which is our value this half term)

We decided to join in the craze and decorate our own rocks to hide in Hyde Park. Come and see our designs and take a peek where we hid them. Maybe you could go to Hyde Park and see if you can find them.

Year 2 Learning Challenge

Click on the image for more information about what we will be learning about this term.

Year 2(6)

Year 2 Spring Letter

Thank you for a great Autumn term the children are now well settled and ready to learn. Please continue to support your children with the Home learning challenges and reading books.  We will be inviting you in soon for some workshops.

Reading - If there are any parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc who are able to help by listening to children read in school, it would be greatly appreciated!  Even if you can only spare one hour a week, it could really make a difference! Please make sure your child brings their reading book to school every day. They will be listened to read by an adult within school at least once a week.

PE - PE is every Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has PE kit in school on these days and that all items are labelled with their names!

SATs - Year 2 is a SATs year and these assessments will take place within the summer term. To allow your child to achieve their full potential please support them by practising times tables, basic addition & subtraction skills and extra reading practice.

On a final note, if you have any questions and need to speak to me. I am usually available to speak to after school or in the mornings.

Thanks for your support

Mrs N Wass