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Year 2 Spring Term 1 2020

Was the rocket a giant leap for mankind? (click to open)

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This half term we're thinking about rockets and their significance to mankind. We will be exploring the moon landing of 1969, researching what materials rockets are made of and how they work, and considering whether or not this historical event was truly a 'giant leap for mankind'. We'll also be designing and creating our own rocket toys, designed to be played with by young children, we'll be considering the aspects of our toy rockets and whether they need to be the same as real rockets or whether we could make changes based on our target audience.

The Rocket Launch!


On Friday, 17th January, we had a visitor from StarChaser who came to talk to us all about rockets! We had already discussed as a class what kinds of questions we wanted to ask, we were very curious about how rockets were made and how they worked. We asked these questions in preparation for making our own rockets, this would be our first attempt at making a rocket, once they were finished we took them to the big playground to be launched- you'll never guess what we found there! An actual rocket! We took turns launching our rockets into the air and watched them soar high into the sky, some even as high as the church and the trees. We would later use this experience to imagine ourselves as real astronauts, preparing for an expedition into space!

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Home Learning Challenges (click to open)

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Man From the Moon

On our first Friday back in school, we returned from playtime to find some strange things outside our classroom. Rocket parts, moon dust and even footprints that lead all the way up to our classroom door! We gathered the clues we found outside so we could analyse them together. In a circle we discussed what we thought the parts of the rocket were made out of and what their uses may be, then we broke up into groups and looked at pictures relating to the moon landing of 1969. We even watched a video of the first steps that Neil Armstrong took on the moon - "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" - and later learned more about the experience by watching an interview with Buzz Aldrin.

Rocket Materials

When designing our own rockets we needed to consider what materials would be suitable. We had to consider the properties of the materials because our rockets (which will be toys for nursery and reception) need to be fun but also safe. We looked at a variety of materials to decide which would best suit our rocket toys. Things we considered include: whether the material was hard or soft, whether it could twist or stretch and whether the material is heavy or light. As scientists we tested objects made of different materials ourselves to compare their properties.

Becoming Mathematicians

As mathematicians we had to complete various maths challenges during the week. These challenges tested our knowledge of divination, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

One of our challenges was balancing sums. This challenge involved making both sides of the number sentence equal. Another one of our challenges was partitioning numbers in four different ways, this is a great test of our times table knowledge! Our third challenge was writing numbers as words (3 as three, 10 as ten etc.) and then identifying which numbers were odd and even.

Our own rocket designs!

We really persevered to create our final rockets for our friends in nursery and reception. We also used our computing skills to create a green screen message!

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