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Manchester's Science and Industry Museum

We had a fantastic time at Manchester's Science and Industry Museum on Tuesday.  We learned lots about the history of bikes and how they evolved.  We saw a Penny Farthing bike and were shown how chains and cogs work together to help the bike to move!  We then looked around the rest of the museum and saw some awesome planes and some very old cars!

We have been stretching our COLLABORATING muscle today!

The aim was to get from one side of the playground to the other without touching the floor!  It was tricky, but we persevered and worked as a team!

We are loving writing our cycle safety leaflets using Purple Mash.

We have inserted images and typed sentences to tell people how to stay safe when riding a bike!  We have then saved it into a folder. 


Cycle Course

We set up our own cycling course in our playground with lots of challenging ramps and bridges!  We encouraged each other and persevered when it got tough - but we did it!  💪🏼

Our PE lesson

We played bunny hops, turn the cones upside down with the football and we also practiced our dribbling skills with Mike. 

Our New Hill

We were super excited to play on our new hill in our playground!  We had a grand unveiling today and the tape was officially cut by 2 children and declared “OPEN”! 

Everyone has enjoyed playing on it today!

Learning Outdoors

We went into our Spiritual Garden this afternoon for our RE lesson.  We listened to the story of Jesus feeding the 5000.  We re-enacted it by sharing bagels and empathising with the crowd by trying to put ourselves in their shoes

Sharing our learning

We loved sharing our learning with our parents today!  We have all worked so hard being engineers to build our vehicles!  The trickiest part of building the vehicle was collaborating and agreeing on the final design and creating a blueprint for it!  We persevered and learned that inventors DON’T always succeed first time and the first attempt is NEVER the best!