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Why is London special?

Brunch with the Queen (of St George's)

What an exciting day we had on Friday!  We had brunch with the Queen!  We had sandwiches and a Union Jack inspired cupcake and a drink of juice.  The Queen arrived to us standing to The National Anthem and then we greeted her with "Good Morning Your Majesty!"  When the Queen left, we had some fun playing party games.

Maisy Goes To London

We are using the book Maisy Goes To London to find out more about all the famous landmarks in London!  There are so many and Maisy tries to visit lots during her visit to our capital city. 

A Tour of London

As we are unable to actually visit London - we have followed the Gecko on his tour of London!  We have seen lots of the famous sights and interesting landmarks.  It is such an amazing place! 

Gecko - London
Maisy pic

A Tour of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Have look around the Queen's Palace!  It is absolutely huge!  Which is your favourite room and why?