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Welcome to Year 1 - Autumn Term 1

Learning Challenge - Did Victorian children love to learn?


Zones of Regulation

The whole school has introduced the "Zones of Regulation" approach which looks at different colours representing different feelings.  The children recognise what colour zone they are in to help explain their feelings.

Blue zone - sad, tired, bored

Green zone - happy, calm,

Yellow zone - excited, silly

Red zone - angry, out of control, mad.

The children created their own "Zones of Regulation" spinner plates to point to how they are feeling at various times of the day.


Autumn Treasure Hunt

We have each taken part in an autumn treasure hunt.  We had to look for a given amount of objects.  We were able to admire the beauty of nature but also use our maths skills too. 

Welcome to the Year 1 Autumn Term  Class  page. We will regularly update this page with photographs of what we have been doing in class. 

If you need any advice or more ideas of what to do - get in contact with school and we will do our best to help you! The email is Year1@st-georges-hyde.tameside.sch.uk .  We have loved the photographs of your family that lots of you have sent in.  The children have loved decorating frames for these. 

Thank you for your continued support

The Year 1 Team

Owl Babies


Click on the link above to listen to the story of the  "Owl Babies".   It looks at the story of 3 baby owls who are left in the woods by their owl mother.  We have linked the story to our whole school theme  "families" and how it feels to be part of a family.  We have also used the story to talk about "feelings". Linking with our work on feelings, we have  wrote labels on Owls listing various feelings at different points of the story.  In class we have been involved in freeze framing different parts of the story, writing speech bubbles to portray what the baby owls might be saying/feeling.  We have also looked at creating an information page together all about owls.  The children knew lots about owls and we learnt lots of new vocabulary too.

Trip to the woods

We have been stretching our listening muscle by listening to some sounds of the woodland at night.  This was to give the children an idea of what the woods sounded like for the "Owl Babies" when they were left alone. We talked about whether the woods would evoke the same feelings in the day time as it did at night.  We went on a walk in order to experience the sounds and sights of the woods for ourselves. We also got to see what "ivy" looked like too. 

Art - Mrs Taylor

We have been lucky enough to work with Mrs Taylor this half term.  She has been teaching us how to mix together primary colour in order to make secondary colours.