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Can I save God's World from all the litter?

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To begin our class question we looked at how we might sort  rubbish/litter.  We looked at the different coloured bins and how different rubbish was sorted into different coloured bins.  We had a go at sorting it together and realised it was important to sort the rubbish correctly so that we cut down on waste.


What would we give up for Lent?

We have learnt all about "Shrove Tuesday" and "Ash Wednesday" and why Christians celebrate by having pancakes.  We made pancakes and tasted them.  We also used the outdoor area to have pancake races and persevered to see if we could flip the pancakes too!  Later we wrote on a pancake what we would be prepared to give up. 

Sharing in Maths

In Maths we have been learning how to share fairly. We used Jaffa Cakes and tangerines to explore how to share a number of objects fairly. Once we had completed the challenge we could try the food.

World Book Day

On World Book Day we enjoyed taking part in a number of different book activities, We shared books with each other and our Year 6 buddies, read in unusual places and told stories with puppets.

How can we change the World?

Our whole school question this half term is "How can we change the World?" We have looked at being "Agents of Change", how we act like superheroes to save God's World from all the damage.  We discussed what we could do like:

  • Buy Fairtrade products
  • Save water
  • Turn off lights
  • Plant our own vegetables
  • Recycle - put rubbish in the right bin.

Then we wrote our own speech bubbles for what we would like to do.  Come and take a look at our display!


agents of change display(1)


This half term we are having PE with a sports coach called Mike. We are enjoying learning new games, throwing, catching, kicking balls and even playing hockey!

The Sower

After reading the story of 'The Sower' we planted a variety of different seeds, some in rich soil with water, some in dry earth without water and some on gravel with water.  We related what we had done to the story. Jesus said that if we listen to the word of God and follow in his Way we will grow strong. We need to be nourished by love, patience, kindness, joy and peace.


We went on a walk to explore what we thought was beautiful in God's wonderful world. We found flowers, trees and plants. Unfortunately we also saw a lot of litter! On returning to school we talked about the litter and how you should take it home and put it in the bin or recycle it. The children suggested we could go on a litter pick, and we discussed how to do this safely.