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Can I switch on?

Welcome to our Spring page.

Our Big Question this half term is 'Can I switch it on?' where we will explore all sorts of technology, machines and gadgets to see how they work and how they help us.  We will be trying to to make our own toys and gadgets with moving parts such as flaps, levers and pivots, and exploring how we can use them to be helpful and interesting.

We will also be using the text On Sudden Hill to help us stretch our imagination and make things of nothing just like Birt, Etho and Shu do in the story.

Much of our learning will be done remotely as many of our friends are doing their learning at home - but we will still all have lots of fun and learn lots of new things.  Take a look at all the photos and videos that show our learning at home and at school.

On Sudden Hill

Birt, Etho and Shu were sat in their boxes on Sudden Hill in the rain. Look at these fantastic rainy day pictures - have you done yours?

Birt was hiding in his box in the rain and feeling a little bit lonely.  We made models of Birt and thought of different ways that we could stop him feeling lonely.  

We used our imaginations, just like the characters in the story to make boxes into all sorts of things.  These are just a few ideas that we had.

Can I switch it on?

We used viewfinders to look for really good and interesting things in our school, house or gardens, and then used techology to take photographs.  We learnt how to use cameras, tablets and phones to take pictures, and how to delete them and try again if we wanted to make it better.

Lots of learning!

Look at all the learning we have been doing at home and at school - phonics, maths, music, stories, art.....all sorts!