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Is a bus the best way to travel?


Starchaser rocket

We are looking at various forms of transport this half term and our big question, Are all inventions good?  A local man brought one of his rockets into our school playground for us to look at.  He told us about how he had to persevere when making the rocket as it took a long time to make it.  He also said he had to revise his design because it didn't work the first time and he learnt from his mistakes.

Chinese New Year

We have been looking at why the Chinese celebrate "Chinese New Year".  We have listened to the story about the 12 animals and which order they came in.  We have been involved in various challenges such as using chopsticks to put noodles into bowls,  using our cutting skills to make dragons and imitating painting various chinese symbols.  We have also planned to do a dragon dance, write our own fortune cookies and watch videos showing Chinese customs and traditions.  A special mention to Isla who visited China Town this weekend and shared her experiences and photographs with the children.

Grand opening of the new outdoor area

We have noticed the workmen working hard on replacing a new hill in our outdoor area.  It took them about a week to repair the tunnel and hill but it was worth the wait. 

Here is what some of the children said

 "The new hill is a bit scary but I was brave and went over it".  

"I love it, it's lovely and soft"

"It is better now they have revised it"

It's now my favourite thing outside".

Run of the Mill

Thank you to all the parents who came on our trip to "Run of the Mill" on the bus.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and said they had a fantastic time.  Please feel free to look at all the photographs of the trip on the Reception window as well, there were so many!

PBL presentation to parents

In groups we decided what type of transport we were going to make. We planned how we were going to make it and what resources we would need. We stretched our collaboration muscle to work together to build the models. After making them we answered the question 'Is a bus the best way to travel?' We shared our plans, models and answers with parents.

Wheels on the bus

We have been looking at buses and recreated our own version of the song "The Wheels on the Bus".  We used instruments to recreate various sounds that we might hear on the bus.  We made choices and took it in turns to sing or play an instrument.  Here is a quick preview of what we did.

Reading with our buddies

It's always great when our Year 6 buddies come over to our Foundation Stage building to work with us.  This half term they hae been sharing books with us.  They read us a story that we had chosen and helped us to stretch our noticing muscle by asking us questions about what we saw and heard in the story.  We can't wait until they visit us again soon!

Maths - Part, Part Whole Model

The Part Part Whole Model looks at how a number can be split into parts(groups).  We used equipment to help us to work out the problems.  This has helped us with our addition and subtraction.

Bike and Scooter track

The children collaborated in teams to make a track for the bikes and scooters to ride across.  They had to revise their design to make it work.  Jasmin chose to direct the traffic rather than test out the track built.  Everyone agreed she did a great job!

Collective worship - creation story

We listened to a story from the Bible.  It was the story of how God creation the Earth in 7 days.  We acted out the parts of the story and reflected on the story afterwards.

February 2020 creation story 078