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Welcome to Nursery


Do all inventions have wheels?

Our Learning Challenge this time will help us think about all the different types of inventions that help us to travel around. We will be designing and making our own vehicle using our favourite parts from the things we have learnt about.

Room on the Broom (Julia Donaldson)

We have had lots of fun reading Room on the Broom.  We have used puppets and toys to retell the story, strengthened our muscles using broomsticks to sweep with, invented a seat for a special someone on the broomstick and painted with little mini broomsticks to see what patterns we could make.

Forest Fridays

We love going to the Eco Area on a Friday afternoon to explore the outdoors and have fun in the forest.  This time we went to find our own broomsticks and magic wands, just like in Room on the Broom.  We used our wands to imagine different magic spells and our broomsticks to help us fly fast! 

This week has been busy in Nursery - drawing, painting, creating, friendship building, driving, turn taking, cutting, sticking, rolling, pouring, cooking....and that's just inside!

Naughty Bus

We walked to the bus station to see the buses - and to check they weren't like the Naughty Bus, who didn't stop for his passengers!  We had a good look at all the buses and their numbers, stopped for a snack and then walked back to Nursery.

The Train Ride

We loved the story of The Train Ride, so planned our very own train ride.  We walked to our local station, Hyde Central and travelled on the train to the end of the line, which was Rose Hill in Marple.  We saw lots of things through the window, just like they did in the story.