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Our value this half term is Friendship. We look forward to sharing with you everything we have planned for this exciting time as we head towards Christmas.

Walk to School

 2021-2021 Walk to School

We're delighted to be taking part again in the scheme to reduce car journeys and improve health and wellbeing by walking to school.

Children are enjoying recording their journeys on screen where they log how they've come to school. Badges not used during Covid are being used for September and October and then from November the theme is around saving the planet.





Living Streets

This is the video made by Living Streets to explain the walk to school scheme. The children are very excited to track their journey each week and are motivated to get their badges.

Walking to school gives us a chance to notice what's around us, learn road safety and have a chat together as we walk. It reduces congestion of cars around school and prevents air pollution, giving our children  important lessons in making healthy choices which will set them up for life.

Visit from the Strider Mascot

The Strider mascot came to school on Monday 21st May to remind people of the importance of leaving cars at home and the benefits of walking to school! It keeps us healthy, teaches us road safety, and helps us wake up and enjoy being outside, especially in such lovely weather!

We are still earning our monthly badges as we walk the Americas and can use the app to discover more about what is on our badge. The symbol this month is the Inca Trail.

Walk to School

Are you collecting your badges for walking to School?

Next week we will be getting our new Walk to School badges for January. Just a reminder, if you only walk once a week each month, you are entitled to a badge. If you come in the car, park a short distance away and walk. This is “park and stride”, and this still counts. You can bring the monthly WOW badges to life with Living Streets new and improved app. Search for WOW Walk to School on Google Play, Amzon or iTunes.








Walk to School Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we are encouraging as many people as possible to walk to school. At the end of every month, those who walk will receive a badge. The organisation running the scheme is called Living Streets and there is an app you can download to view the badges. Walking is good for our health and wellbeing. It means there are less cars on the road, less pollution and fewer cars at the school gates. If you live further away and come in the car, park further away then walk a short distance to school. They call this park and stride. Cycling, or using a scooter are also acceptable ways to travel. You might want to start walking every day which would be great!


We're having a special assembly on Thursday 21st September to launch the Walk to School scheme: 

In October we'll be launching Walk to School Month. The children will receive badges as a reward for walking to school.

Reasons to walk to school:

  • have fun with family and friends on the way
  • helps us stay healthy
  • fewer cars at the school gates
  • less pollution from cars
  • to learn how to cross roads safely and to keep safe 

Love to learn and learn to love




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