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Summer Two 2020-2021

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Welcome to the Summer Term in Year Three


This half term we will be learning about the Olympics and how we can be our personal best, deepening our investigative skills to explore our understanding.  

Click the image below to download our termly booklet

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Our value this half term is Perseverance
This value links in with our Growth Mindset work that we do in class and also our ethos of learning.

We can persevere in lots of different things. We might have to persevere to learn a skill so that you can get on a sports team. It might take a matter of a few goes or maybe many months or even years to achieve your goal. Perseverance can, at times, be really difficult as you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere but you just have to keep going. Very little that is really worthwhile in life can be achieved without perseverance.
We will look at how an athlete may train for years before they are ready to compete at the highest level.  

We will also think about the story of King George overcoming his shyness and remember that
“If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again.”


We will be learning to always try our best and remember that...

It isn’t about being THE best but about being OUR (personal) best!

Courageous Advocacy:
We will be encouraging others to be their best and helping them to set targets. 

In our collective worship we looked at bible quotes and we spent some time together
choosing a quote from the bible and the qu'ran which fit in well with our Learning Challenge.

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We have been playing our favourite games during our outdoor times and exploring how easy and hard some games are.
We especially liked using the stilts and found it challenging, but our great examples of perseverance showed us that we can do it if we keep trying!


Take a look at some of the amazing examples of our home learning! 

We have been researching famous Olympians of our choice and exploring what made these people special and how they work hard to achieve their goals!


This week we have been discovering where the Olympics originated and it was a lot longer ago that you might think!

We used our noticing skills to discover interesting facts and information and then made links to our prior learning to organise our learning under different headings.


In our PE lessons, we have been researching the game of boccia and understanding why this is the most inclusive sport ever created!

We looked at the differnt types of Olympics, including the summer, winter and paralympic games, where boccia is played. 

Not every sport is equal but there is a sport for everyone!


In our science this half term we are investigating rocks and soils... exciting!!

This week we learned about the 3 main types of rock (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and discovered where they came from. We then learned the properties of some of these rocks and used our observational skills to work like a scientist and try to classify images of different rocks, according to their properties.



Year 3 have been out and about as part of their wellbeing and Fun, Friends and Fitness week. Noticing and appreciating God's wonderful world!


In our English this week, we have been responding to our story 'Oliver and the Seawigs' by working with our table teams and expressing our feelings about the events in the story. We made links to our RE where we have been considering our personal values.


This week, we have started to create our double page spread backgrounds. We did this using a colour wash and strips of tissue paper to create an abstract representation of land, air and sea. Watch this space as we carry on adding our learning to these pages!


We had a great day out at Chester Zoo yesterday and got to see lots of God's wonderful creatures. We continued our learning about native and non-native animals and learned how we can be courageous advocates in our own back gardens by creating habitats for them to live in.

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We are really proud of our double page spreads this half term. Year Three have really enjoyed learning about the olympics and the awards that are given to athletes who try their personal best. After our trip to the zoo, we were inspired to research animals and create our own nominations for the awards for air, land and sea, in the category of our choice!


This half term we have been learning about rocks and soils in our scientists. Today, we were scientists and used our observational skills to look closely at rocks, using a magnifying glass to identify key components of the rocks. We drew, labelled and described them before attempting to identify the rocks. 


Year Three's Collective Worship response for our value perseverance

Year 3 did such an amazing job - not to be missed!
Please take some time to watch their performance, I'm sure you'll agree that they did an amazing job presenting their learning and it's wonderful to hear how well they understand how to be their 'personal best.' 
We are extremely proud of their perseverance and resilience this year and this is great reflection of their amazing attitudes.
Click here to view our Collective Worship response
Click here to view our Collective Worship response

Our final outcome for the half term and a spectacular end to the year!

As part of our Learning Challenge we asked the question
What’s your best and how can we encourage others to be their personal best?

As part of this, we collaborated with Year 4 who were also getting into the spirit of the Olympics by designing new events for the Paralympics. They challenged Year 3 to try out their events and awarded them with medals and certificates. Through this we were able to show what our personal best was and have a go at beating our personal best. It gave us a great understanding of how we can be our personal best, even if it's not better than someone else, it's the best we can do, which is always what we strive to be. 

It was lovely to see the children working together to complete challenges and encouraging eachother to be our best. All the courageous advocacy that we have been using throughout the year helped us to flourish as we were in our elements! A fantastic way to finish the term and a great way to display our value of perseverance!





Love to learn and learn to love




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