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Summer Term in Reception

Welcome to the Summer Term in Reception

Let all that you do be done in love

1 Corinthians 16:14

Our courageous advocacy will extend to our families at home and our family at school this term.  We will encourage them to show love, compassion and care for the creatures in our oceans by thinking about how we use plastics and how we can keep our seas and oceans a safe place for all.  The text Someone Swallowed Stanley will help us on our journey to becoming agents of change.

Who lives in a rock pool?

This learning challenge question will help us to explore all the wonderful creatures we might find in the sea and at the seashore. 

We will also be working towards creating our very own beach in our outdoor area - using all that we have learnt about the seaside to bring it to life.

Splash, Anna Hibiscus!



The text Splash, Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke has helped us to explore the wonders of the seaside.  Just like Anna Hibiscus, we have enjoyed splashing and paddling in waves, discovered the joys of being buried in the sand, collaborated to build sandcastles and played games with friends.  All of these exciting experiences have helped us to tell stories, practise writing sentences and create our own songs.

Sharing a Shell


We really enjoyed the rhyming story of Sharing a Shell and it introduced us to the creatures that we might find in a rock pool and where we might find one.

It inspired lots of activities based on our fascinations with hermit crabs and starfish - some of the creatures we might find in rock pools.



Beach Day

We had lots of fun sharing our learning with Year One.  We taught them all about a typical day at a British Beach - we even had the rain!  We enjoyed rock pools, sandcastle building, paddling, team games, ice cream and picnics.  We even made our own puppets for a puppet show!



Someone Swallowed Stanley

Exploring this text taught us about the importance of protecting the creatures in our seas and oceans.  It made us think about how we use plastics at home and at school and how we could be agents of change to protect sealife.  We created videos to share with our families encouraging others to follow our example and be Ocean Protectors.




Love to learn and learn to love




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