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Summer One 2020 - 2021

Welcome to the Summer Term in Year Three

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This half term we will be learning about Ancient Rome and Romans 
and deepening our investigative skills to explore our understanding.  

We already know that it was the Romans who killed Jesus when we 
learned about the Easter Story. Did they act with justice? We will 
explore the value of Justice and look at how we can make sure 
that everyone is shown equality and treated fairly.



We will consider how we can help those less fortunate than ourselves by taking part in the UNICEF Rights Respecting ‘Shoe Share’ as our act of courageous advocacy. 

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Today we enjoyed raising money for charity through
our ‘Superhero Day’

Not all courageous advocates wear capes!  

This week we have been learning about the Roman army.
It was thanks to the success of the Roman army that the 
Romans managed to expand their empire to make it one 
of the largest in world history! The Roman army are still 
remembered today as being one of the best, most 
effective armies ever. Some of the ideas that Roman army 
leaders used are still used today. 

We made links between the Ancient Egyptian hierarchy 
that we discovered last half term and discussed how 
different people can view justice and fairness very 
different than other people and that this can also change
when people learn and understand more.

Year Three have loved researching the historical 
superhero Boudicca this week and have really 
enjoyed presenting their double page spreads 
in their own creative ways. 

We really enjoyed coaching our friends through 
our peer feedback!


We’ve had great fun in our art lesson today, beginning our Roman
coil pots in the style of Grayson Perry




We’ve been working hard to create some pieces of independent writing this week and have remembered lots of our Year Three writing challenges! You make us proud!



Year Three were excited to become investigators today. We used the information and clues, hidden around our classroom to create a fact file about Julius Caesar! We made lots of links to our values and discovered lots of positive facts that we still use today... but not everything was as good as it seemed!





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