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Summer 2022

Welcome to Summer Term in Reception 

This term we will be exploring the Big Question What if everything were black and white?

Our Learning Challenge will help us to explore the wonderful world that God created, and all the beautiful plants and animals that are in it.  We will be thinking about where our food comes from and how we can help to make a difference by helping to make sure everyone has enough food to eat.  We will learn about the wondrous creatures that pollinate and help our food to grow, and what we can do to respect their environment and help them to flourish.  We will continue to develop in our own unique way through the challenges we set for ourselves and through the play that we choose in our indoor and outdoor classroom.

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Planting and Growing 

This week we have begun to explore the wonder of the natural world around us. We have been planting seeds to find out about where our food comes from.  We've learnt the new word 'germinate' to explain what happens to a seed when it begins to grow, and also learnt about the things that a seed needs to flourish.

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On Friday, we enjoyed an exciting walk to Bloom Allotment in Hyde. We were very lucky to have some fantastic volunteers who were generous with their time in showing us round and explaining everything to us.  We looked at all the different fruit and vegetable beds and were intrigued to see what some our favourite foods looked like whilst still growing, and before they reached the shops. 

We also noticed tadpoles in the pond and with help from the staff at Bloom we were able to dip for the tadpoles and transfer them to jamjars so we could take a closer look. After we had watched them closely and talked about what we could see all the tadpoles were returned to their homes in the pond. 

We enjoyed planting sunflower seeds at the allotment.  We made sure the seeds had moist soil, sunlight and a little water.  We're looking forward to watching them grow, and the joy that they will bring us when they eventually bloom!

Click here if you would like to see pictures from our trip


The Chicks Arrival

This week we have been very excited to show compassion and kindness as we welcomed first the eggs and then the chicks into our classroom. Ten eggs arrived which we kept cosy and warm in their incubator and the first chick started to hatch on Wednesday - it was all very exciting! When the chick was 24 hours old, it would be strong enough to be transferred into the chick coop with a heat lamp, food and water to help it thrive.  We waited until a few siblings had hatched and then moved them together to keep them company.  By Friday, they were all strong enough to live together in the chick coop.  We have loved watching them change as they grow, and are showing gentleness and responsibility as we care for them.

We have learnt about the life cycle of chicks and have been developing our writing skills by ordering and labelling the different stages. 

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In maths we have been focusing on "taking away" to learn about subtraction. We have practiced in lots of practical ways with our friends and are keen to show off our skills. 

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Caring for the chicks

This week we have shown care and compassion as we continued to look after our new chicks. We have enjoyed observing the changes as they grow and learning how to handle them carefully. 

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We have continued to learn about planting and growing this week. We have stretched our learning muscles by thinking of clues for each fruit and vegetable. Can you guess which one we choose?

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Love to learn and learn to love




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