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Summer 2 2022


Where has the time gone?? We have had such a fun and amazing year and there's still lots more to do! 

We have made the wise choice and are going to be continuing to support the British Red Cross and raise money to donate near the end of term. We have already raised over more than £326 through our bake sales!!! This is absolutely brilliant and we are so proud of ourselves and grateful for all the support we have been given from our buyers/ friends at school.


The value for this half term is 


We will be learning about wisdom through biblical stories and stories from other faiths in our collective worship.

We will learn about the importance of making wise decisions even though it might be difficult. 

"He who walks with the wise grows wise" Proverbs 13:20.

"Do not lose hope, nor be sad" Quran 3:139 

RE- Playground chalkings

To start our new learning in RE, we went on the playground in our groups armed with chalk. We were asked to write as many words as possible which symbolises water. We had some creative ideas and chose our favourite one, washing away all of our other words with water. When we came back in class we shared our ideas and listened to the story of the baptism of Jesus and the importance of water. 

Water words (2).JPG 

Water words (3).JPG

Water words (4).JPG

Water words (5).JPG

Water words (1).JPG

PSHE- Collaborative Games

In PSHE we have worked as teams and created our own game which we can teach to others to encourage people to do exercise. We showed excellent collaborative skills as we planned, prepared and modelled our games. We thoroughly enjoyed working with different groups to teach them our game rules and watch them have fun playing the games.


WORSHIP- Yaqub and Ashar

The boys led worship this morning and read the story of footprints in the sand. They made the link between knowing that Jesus is there to carry us when we are finding life difficult. We need to be wise to know this and that He hasn't left us to cope on our own. 

worship Yaqub.JPG

We responded to the worship by thinking of times when we have relied on someone to pick us up when we are feeling down or times when we have been there to help a friend who needed our help. By reflecting on this time, we know just how important it is for us to learn from worship.


As part of our Fun, Friends and Fitness Week, we had a visit from Freddie Fit. He really challenged us and pushed us to our limits!! We had a great time working as part of a team and competing against ourselves. 

freddie fit (2).JPGfreddie fit (3).JPG

freddie fit (1).JPGfreddie fit (4).JPG

As part of Fun, Friends and Fitness Week we continued to bake our buns to raise money for the British Red Cross. We also went down to Year 1 and read a story to someone who we didn't know that well. This was really lovely and we got to see where we used to play when we were younger.

Reading (1)(1).JPGReading (2)(1).JPG

Reading (5).JPGReading (9).JPG

To finish off our busy week, we had Sports Day. It was the first time for a few years because of Covid so we were very excited to take part and compete against our friends.


SCIENCE- Electricity

We have been investigating electricity and loving learning through practical experiments. We have been collaborating with our partners to create circuits with different components. We really enjoyed using the motors and watching the paper we attached create spiralling colours blending together in patterns. We made switches using paper clips and split pins. The buzzer was great for this as we made our own door bell.


MIRO Artwork

We have been creating 2D and 3D art with Mrs Taylor as part of our Spanish learning challenge. Our Spanish artist is Joan Miro and we have enjoyed looking at the differnt colours and the styles of his designs. 

miro 1.JPGmiro 2.JPG

We can't wait to finish off our designs.




We had a fantastic Spanish day on Wednesday 20th July. Everyone came dressed in their Spanish colours and clothes to celebrate some of the cultural experiences they have in Spain. It was a busy day and everyone got involved by preparing the Spanish tapas. We decorated plates, created Spanish dances and held conversations in Spanish with our friends. We sampled many foods we had never tried before. On offer was: patatas bravas, Spanish omelette, olive and manchengo nibbles, cucumber and feta bites, chorizo and pepper skewers, tomato bruchettas and a non-alcoholic sangria. It was a feast!! We all worked really hard to create a dance to perform. 

Click on the images below to see more examples of the fun we got up to on our Spanish Day.


It was our turn to respond to what we have been learning about in worship this half term. Our value was wisdom and we all had some great ideas of what to include in our collective worship. We remembered the wise choices we have made over the weeks and the stories which have inspired us to think deeper about the value. Recently, Mrs Hewitt has had to make some tricky decisions about whether to let us out at lunch time if it was too hot or if it was better to stay inside in our cool air-conditioned classroom. We know that this was a wise choice to maek so that we didn't become poorly. It was only 1 day! We played a game where everyone had to put up their thumb if thought the idea was a wise choice and they had to put their thumb down if they thought it was an unwise choice. Everyone listened really well to this and because they followed the instructions, they were awarded an extra 5 minutes playtime.

Wisdom response (1).JPG  Wisdom response (2).JPG

Wisdom response (5).JPG Wisdom response (6).JPG

We have learned the importance of following instructions carefully if we want to benefit from it! We all made wise choices.


Mrs Walker's Treat for us!!!!

We had so much fun going on the inflatables in church. Mrs Walker left it as a gift before she retired and, because of covid, we have only just been given the opportunity to enjoy this very kind gift. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MRS WALKER!!

inflate (1).JPGinflate (2).JPG

inflate (3).JPGinflate (4).JPG

inflate (5).JPGinflate (6).JPG













Love to learn and learn to love




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