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Summer 1 2022

I cannot believe it is the final term for this school year!! How quickly has the time gone?!


Our value this half term is generosity. We will be learning about ways we can be generous with our time, our love and our gifts.

We will continue to bake buns for each year group on a rota and sell them so that the money raised will go to the British Red Cross. This way we are still living our values in action and being an agent for change by think ing of others. The buns are proving very popular and we all enjoy making a small difference to others.

generous quote.JPG



For our learning challenge this term, we will be asking the question "were the vikings really vicious?"

year 4 summer 2 pic.JPG













We started our half term by having a special Viking visitor in school on the first day back after the holiday. Ravna came from Norway to share some knowledge with us about the Vikings. It was a great day and we learned lots!

real viking.jpg

We had a great time looking at Viking artefacts and weapons. They were so heavy! We also had fun finding out facts about the Vikings, completing Viking code breakers using Viking runes and making amulets out of saltdough. In the afternoon we did a drama piece and were able to dress up or use some of the artefacts to help make our sketches look real. To finish the day, we completed a quiz which we did really well in as we had shown great listening skills throughout the day.








RE- What kind of world did Jesus want?

fisher of men.png

We have been thinking about the gospel and the kind of world that Jesus wanted. We looked at the story of the calling of the first disciples and discussed what Peter or Andrew might have thought after hearing Jesus' words. We thought about what Jesus meant by 'fisher of people' and created images on this. Inside the images we wrote what kind of world Jesus would have wanted.


As part of learning how to find equivalent fractions and decimals we enjoyed playing a game to test our knowledge. We had to match up the fraction with the equivalent decimal to make a triomino and also pair up fractions and decimals like in a game of dominoes. We had to think carefully about the place value of the digits.

equivalent fraction decimal.png


We are enjoying our new class novel which is called Charlotte's Web written by E.B. White. We have discussed the beginning of the story and the author's choice of vocabulary. As we have read more, we collaborated with our table to write a poem based on the setting of the story and included a repeated phrase.

poetry title.png

poetry 2.png


We were amazed when we carried out our science investigation about which was the noisiest place in school. We all took part and had a very important job to do measuring the volume of sound and recording accurately the number of decibels in our area for one minute. We made it a fair test and used the Decibel X app to record the volume. We took 3 recordings of the same time duration and in the same place. We decided that the middle maximum number recorded was going to be the one we would use to help us answer the question. We found out that the hall was the noisiest place in school but we know that this was only during the time we were recording. To make it a completely fair test and get more accurate results, we would need to do the same investigation for the whole week all day to get a truer picture. This way it isn't just the noisiest place at the time we carried out the investigation, it would be which is the noisiest place throughout the week.




We have been looking at the kind of world Jesus wanted for us. We came up with our own questions to ask our local vicar Jeremy to find out more about his calling to God and his job within the community. He was very impressed with our deep and thoughtful questions. We found out all about him being a fisher of men and what his role involves.



Our class worshippers decided to go outside in the Spiritual Garden for our worship and it was a lovely setting. We listened to calming music as we started then they read two stories about creation from the Bible and the Quran and we noticed the similarities between them. To finish the worship we were challenged to say a thank you prayer for God's generosity as an A-Z prayer. It was lovely to be outside even if it started raining on us!!

worship 24.JPG

Please watch our A-Z prayer below. 


RED, WHITE AND BLUE, hats, bunting and research information- it must be party time!!

We had a brilliant day celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We came to school wearing red, white and blue- the colours of the Union Jack flag. We decorated bunting with the flag design and also presented our research about the Queen on to bunting too. At lunch, we had a picnic outside with our friends and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

jubilee 4.png 

Some of us planted a tree for the Queen so that we can remember this special celebration. This is going to be here for a long time just like the Queen's reign on the throne.

Queen Tree (1).JPG

Queen Tree (2).JPG

Queen Tree (3).JPG



We were very creative in our learning showcase, showing off our baking skills and craft skills. We made shortbread biscuits we designed as shields and salt dough amulets. We held a market stall and sold our goods to our parents (as if we were real Viking traders). It was lovelt to see our parents again in school and show off our learning.



Love to learn and learn to love




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