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Spring 2022

'Let all that you do be done in Love'

1 Corinthians 16:14

This term we will continue to live out our vision by developing our relationships with our friends and also our Buddies in Year 6, and learning more about what being part of the St George's Family means.  We will develop our learning and our skills through play and finding out more about the things that interest us alongside widening our experiences and building our knowledge through the Big Question 'What would my story be?'

Termly Booklet

Reception spring 2 booklet.jpg

Click on the picture to read about what Reception will be doing this half term.

Elements Family Groups

We were very excited to find out which Family Group we will be in during our time at St Georges. We learned all about the elements - Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - through stories from the Bible and created special art work to reflect all that we had found out. Which Family Group are you in? 


Growth Mindset

We have started to learn about 'Growth Mindset' and what this means, and also how it can help us with our learning. We have been learning about all the wonderful ways that we can stretch our learning muscles and 'grow our brains'. We thought about how there are things we can't do yet, but what we can do to help us achieve our dreams and flourish as we grow and learn. 

To support our learning we read the story of 'The Dot' and imagined what our dot might become. 

the dot.jpeg IMG_7894[1].JPG

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Week

Reception STEM Week

Reception have enjoyed exploring light and dark, and have especially enjoyed telling stories using shadow puppets.

Reception STEM WeekReception STEM WeekReception STEM Week2.jpg

Teddy Bears Picnic

We had lots of fun singing, reading stories, picnicking and playing with our teddies at our Teddy Bears Picnic.  We were a little disappointed that the weather was too wet to have our picnic outdoors, but we still had a wonderful time and found out all the things that we need to host a teddy bears picnic; ready for when we plan our own to share our learning with our Year 6 Buddies.

IMG_7935[1].JPG IMG_7940[1].JPG IMG_7939[2].JPG
IMG_7941[1].JPG IMG_7942[1].JPG









Storytelling and The Gingerbread Man

This week we have been listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have been retelling the story and sequencing the events. We looked at the different elements of a story

  • the main character
  • the setting
  • the problem
  • the ending or solution 

We then used our storytelling skills to innovate and create our own version of the story. We enjoyed thinking of our own ideas and created imaginative characters and settings. What would you choose?

We then acted out our story using our acting skills which we have practiced during helicopter stories. 

4.png IMG_7956 - Copy.JPG
IMG_7961 (2) - Copy.JPG IMG_7962 - Copy.JPG


Little Red Riding Hood 

This week Reception have been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We enjoyed using the puppets to tell the story. We then created our own story map and actions so we could retell the story to those around us. Can you retell the story to someone at home? 

In our maths we have been focusing on capacity and have used lots of vocabulary related to this. We know about full, empty and enough. We have also been weighing using the balance scales and even made cakes by balancing the sugar, flour and butter with the 2 eggs! 

Click here to see pictures of our balancing and baking.

We practiced our storytelling skills using the Gruffalo story bag. We enjoyed retelling the story and playing with the characters. 

IMG_8036.JPG IMG_8037.JPG
IMG_8038.JPG IMG_8039.JPG
IMG_8040.JPG IMG_8041.JPG


Teddy Bears Picnic

This week we have enjoyed showing friendship and love to our Year 6 Buddies by inviting them to our Teddy Bears Picnic where we shared all that we have learnt about stories.

We wrote our own stories and shared them with our Buddies Helicopter Story Style!  We all listening to each others stories and loved acting them out with Year Six.

After that we tucked into our picnic food making sure that we shared with our Buddies so that everyone got some. 

Science Week


This week we have enjoyed predicting and experimenting as part of science week. We enjoyed sharing our experiments with our families when they came to join us on Friday afternoon. Perhaps you could try one at home?

sci 2.jpg sci3.jpg
science exp .jpg sci4.jpg


Love to learn and learn to love




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