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Spring 2


'Let all that you do be done in Love'

1 Corinthians 16:14

This term we will continue to live out our vision by developing our relationships with our friends and also our Buddies in Year 6. We will develop our learning and our skills through play and finding out more about the things that interest us alongside widening our experiences and building our knowledge through the Big Question 'What if I could be a hero?'  We will be learning all about real life heroes and how they help us, and demonstrate humility as we find out how important these people are in our families and community.

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World Book Day

This week we have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed ready for a bedtime story in our pyjamas. We shared our favourite stories as we drank Fairtrade hot chocolate. We also enjoyed playing The Masked Reader in collective worship. 


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Fairtrade Fortnight

This week we have been finding out all about how we can support farmers across the world by buying Fairtrade products. We learnt about Fairtrade vocabulary through our WordAware sessions and looked for the Fairtrade symbols on different products that we can buy from the shops.  We have enjoyed Fairtrade hot chocolate and used Fairtrade bananas to make banana milkshakes - yum! We also found out how we can support farmers by purchasing Fairtrade clothing, made using cotton from the Fairtrade farms. 

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This week we have begun to think about the people who help us when there is an emergency. We have enjoyed finding out how they help us and and respect how hard they work. We looked carefuly at the emergency vehicles and their features and then chose a vehicle to make ourselves. We used wooden dowels and wheels to so that our vehicles would move. Did you choose a fire engine, ambulance or police car? 

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How can we be heroes? 

This week we enjoyed experimenting on the equipment during our PE session. We climbed, balanced and experimented with lots of different ways of moving our bodies. 

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We have also been showing compassion, kindness and hope as we found out all about Food Bank and the Manchester Sandwich Angels. We thought about how it might feel to not have enough pennies to buy food from the shops. We also made biscuits together after thinking about Luigi the Baker: one of our real world superheroes. We thought about how it might feel if we could smell the deicious smell coming from the bakery but didnt have the money to go in. 

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The Easter Story 

This week we have been recalling and retelling The Easter Story. We have role played the story and shown empathy by thinking how Jesus' friends would have felt. We drew faces to reflect the emotions we thought they might be feeling. 


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On Friday we had a "real life heroes" party. We all reflected on our learning and thought about which real life superhero we would like to be. We thought Doctors, nurses, vets, teachers and our parents were all real world heroes.  After our party we discovered the Easter Bunny had visted and left behind some treats for all of us. We made a super team working collaboratively to seach out all the eggs. 

After this we enjoyed sharing stories in the sunshine with our Year 6 buddies.

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We are looking forward to a rest and returning to school in the Summer Term. 


Love to learn and learn to love




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